An option to stay on the same workspace after job ends or stops

Hi again,

Some people might have a different workflow that’s why maybe it’s better as an option.

For me when I start a project on workspace P2 for example to cut a 3d roughing path. I expect to still be on P2 when the path completes and be able to load the finishing path, change the bit, zero the Z and start.

What happens to me, every single time after the roughing path completes.
I load the file, change the bit, set the Z, start the job, watch the router move to P1, stop the job, change to P2, zero the Z, start the job again.

Thank you for considering my suggestion

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@louisbo This has been discussed before. You may want to look at this thread, which explains why gSender behaves as it does and shows a work around that should address your issue.