Anyone using Carveco software?

Hi guys, new to the CNC world. Anyone using Carveco as their design software, used to be art labs I believe. Looks decent and considerably cheaper to get started than vcarve pro.

I just did a search because I had the same question, and this was the only thread to pop up. Apparently, no one in this group does. I might try the FB group and see if there is a hit.

I went with Carveco Maker to start out because of the price point and I really like it so far. I haven’t used vcarve at all so I can’t really compare the two but from my reasearch maker seems to have more features than vcarve pro and maker+ is pretty close to Aspire. The deciding factor for me was maker doesn’t limit your table size like vcarve pro. Training videos are great and Leighton has responded to my questions in the facebook group within seconds so really good support. I just finished setting up my longmill so I haven’t run anything out of maker yet but artcam has been around for 25 years or so, so I doubt I’ll have issues outside of the normal learning curve.

Just a small correction. VCarve Pro does not limit the table size or carve size. The lower cost version, VCarve Desktop does make you tile anything above 25 x 25 inches.

I had Desktop and upgraded to Pro but still want to try Carveco.

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My bad, I got confused on the versions. If you give it a shot I want to hear your comparison. I figure I’ll upgrade at some point, either to maker+ or aspire. So far my only complaint on maker is the lack of an illustrator style pen tool. It has a node editor with the traditional handles for adding curves but as far as I can tell you have to make your lines and then add curves in node editor instead of adding curves as you go.

I am using Carveco after a few months with Carbide Create. Good software and good support.

Just wanted to add to this thread in case anyone has the same issue with Carveco as I did. I went to cut a sign that was made mostly of arc patterns. I saved the Gcode using the GRBL inch postprocessor. When I tried to run the program through UGS it gave me an error 33 and paused the machine. I found in the facebook group that this is caused by the GRBL post processor only using 3 decimal places instead of 4 with throws off the G2 and G3 arc patterns. Emailed carveco support and they sent a new post processor UGS GRBL (inch) and it worked great. Hope this saves someone the day long headache.