Bug list for version 1.0.3

  1. After homing , X and Y arn’t set to 0.
  2. When using workspace setting (G55, G56, etc.), following completion of a toolpath it resets to G54. When working with multiple tool paths at the same workspace this can be problematic. Is it not possible for the workspace setting to be remembered until I need to change to a different workspace.
  3. Soft Limits still doesn’t allow for normal jogging within the safe work limits.
  4. I get random ‘Hard Limit Alarm’ warnings when running toolpath’s within safe limits which stops operation requiring a reset.
  5. When a hard limit is reached, you have to Clear it and move twice to resume normal operation. I would think that once should be enough.

My gSender version is 1.0.3.

I get the erroneous limits too. But is this a bug in gSender or in the Arduino code?

Slog through the following link, and you’ll eventually find some information on your #2 statement. I’ve just taken to making macros and adding gcode to my programs to get back to the workspace setting I’m working with.

Even having been powered down, the X and Y relative to home seem to be remembered from the previous session. I like this, but don’t know if this is intentional.

That’s how grbl works. It’s intentional.

Your post processor should output the WCS you’re working in in the header for the job. If it doesn’t, you might want to change it to do that.

Most likely caused by electrical noise causing a false trigger of the switches. Disable Hard Limits until you get your interference figured out. Set $21 = 0


Hi NeilFarreri, you replied to saskia’s post about the system remembering the previous session’s x and y zero positions. In my case, once I finish a cut, the tool retracts and goes to a zero location from few jobs ago. This did not use to happen before the last software update, is this normal for grbl like you said in your reply? When I was done with a cut today, my CNC started moving to the previous location and crashed into something I had on the table. Do you know of a solution for this?

@pauljohn123 Are you using gSender?
How are you setting your Work Zeroes?
Can you share your gcode?

I am not very familiar with how gcode is generated so I am not able to answer that. But my process is: use Fusion 360 to setup cuts and then output it as a .nc file. I am cutting pieces of wood from a large stock material, so I manually jog to a spot where I have enough stock for the cut and then zero my x and y; I use a probe to zero my z direction. Once that is all set, I hit start to run the code. Everything cuts just fine, but the issue occurs after the tool is retracted, it jogs to a previous zero location. I tried uploading the gcode, but the system prevented me because I am a new user. I copied it below:

(film pocket and cont)
(T1 D=0.125 CR=0 - ZMIN=-0.0841 - flat end mill)
G90 G94
G28 G91 Z0

(2D Pocket5)
S11999 M3
G0 X0.0073 Y0.0006
G1 Z0.1125 F19.67
Y0 Z0.1088
Y-0.0025 Z0.1043
X0.007 Y-0.0065 Z0.1012
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.1
G2 X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0935 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.087 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0805 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0739 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0674 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0609 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0544 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0479 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0414 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0349 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0283 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0218 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0153 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z0.0088 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z0.0023 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z-0.0042 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z-0.0107 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0062 Y-0.0114 Z-0.0172 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.1103 Y0.0114 Z-0.0238 I-0.0583 J0.0114
X0.0073 Y0 Z-0.0299 I0.0583 J-0.0114
X-0.0073 Y0 I-0.0073 J0 F19.66
X0.0386 Y0 I0.023 J0
X-0.0386 Y0 I-0.0386 J0
X0.0698 Y0 I0.0542 J0
X-0.0698 Y0 I-0.0698 J0
X0.1011 Y0 I0.0855 J0
X-0.1011 Y0 I-0.1011 J0
X0.1323 Y0 I0.1167 J0
X-0.1323 Y0 I-0.1323 J0
X0.1636 Y0 I0.148 J0
X-0.1636 Y0 I-0.1636 J0
X0.1948 Y0 I0.1792 J0
X-0.1948 Y0 I-0.1948 J0
X0.2261 Y0 I0.2105 J0
X-0.2261 Y0 I-0.2261 J0
X0.2573 Y0 I0.2417 J0
X-0.2573 Y0 I-0.2573 J0
X0.2886 Y0 I0.273 J0
X-0.2886 Y0 I-0.2886 J0
X0.3198 Y0 I0.3042 J0
X-0.3198 Y0 I-0.3198 J0
X0.3511 Y0 I0.3355 J0
X-0.3511 Y0 I-0.3511 J0
X0.3823 Y0 I0.3667 J0
X-0.3823 Y0 I-0.3823 J0
X0.4136 Y0 I0.398 J0
X-0.4136 Y0 I-0.4136 J0
X0.4448 Y0 I0.4292 J0
X-0.4448 Y0 I-0.4448 J0
X0.4448 Y0 I0.4448 J0
G1 X0.4446 Y-0.0024 Z-0.0294 F19.67
X0.4439 Y-0.0047 Z-0.0289
X0.443 Y-0.0065 Z-0.0276
X0.4418 Y-0.0081 Z-0.0262
X0.4399 Y-0.01 Z-0.0222
X0.4391 Y-0.0105 Z-0.0174
G0 Z0.6

(2D Contour1 3)
X-0.0125 Y-3.35
G1 Z-0.0716 F6.55
G19 G3 Y-3.3375 Z-0.0841 J0.0125 K0 F19.67
G1 Y-3.325
G17 G2 X0 Y-3.3125 I0.0125 J0
G3 X0 Y3.3125 I0 J3.3125 F19.66
X0 Y-3.3125 I0 J-3.3125
G2 X0.0125 Y-3.325 I0 J-0.0125 F19.67
G1 Y-3.3375
G19 G2 Y-3.35 Z-0.0716 J0 K0.0125
G0 Z0.6
G28 G91 Z0
G28 G91 X0 Y0

Your post processor is sending you to a G28 location. Is that your intent? Do you have a G28 location set?

That said, your Zeroes should still be the same.

I have a pretty good Fusion post that is used by many if you’re interested in returning to work zero at the end of a job. It also has some other useful features. Let me know and I’ll share it.

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Thank you for your reply. I am not sure what G28 location is, Will going to the G28 explain why it goes to the previous zero location? What I will say is that I have not changed anything with how I setup jobs from Fusion, so I am suprised this has become a problem all of a sudden. Please share your post with me, although for what I am doing, I have not needed to return back to zero at the end of the job, but I am sure I will benefit from the post.

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It’s one of two (the other is G30) user definable parking positions for a Grbl based CNC. Most people don’t use them, but it’s pretty standard in industrial work.

It’s not. Unless you set your zero in that position. By default G28 is at machine zero.

Do you have homing switches?

What program are you using to control your CNC? gSender, IGS, CNCjs, etc? How are you setting your work origin?

@Bruces-CNC your reported issues should now all be dealt with as follows:

  1. This was fixed with a LongMill Firmware update. You can use the ‘Firmware’ tool in gSender to reflash and this issue should go away
  2. The workspace reset was a bug we finally tracked down and should now be fixed in 1.0.6
  3. Should also be fixed now - especially after you update your firmware
  4. Depending on the version of your machine you might need to look into using the resistors we recommend for the older machines to prevent false triggering of the switches: Custom Limit Switches - LongMill CNC
  5. This is something that used to be even harder to deal with with how GRBL handles hard limits but we gave gSender a few smarts in these cases. I agree that making the pull-off a single move would be ideal though so it’s something on our to-do list

I’m going to close this thread since it’s pretty old at this point but if there are still any remaining issue or questions you can start a new one and ask away and then just link to this old one :+1: