Clicking on right Y axis

When running the machine back to front, I get a constant clicking sound coming from the right Y axis. I cannot localize the sound to determine which part it is coming from, though. Watching the set screw on the acme nut, it appears to happen at the same point on each revolution.

When I run the machine back, there is no clicking sound.

I captured a video of this:

(using UGS Platform) I had jogged the machine to the back until I stalled the motors. Then moved it forward (i.e., Y- jog) 830 mm at 2000 mm/m. To move it back, I just did the Y+ jog.

The clicking in the Y- direction does not seem to a step loss. When I jog it back, it ends up at the starting position, tight to the back stop, without triggering a motor stall.

Note the the left rail is not fixed down in the video. I detached it from the wasteboard to eliminate a left/right alignment issue as the source of the problem. However, it makes the same sound when it is fixed down.

Also, adjusting the anti-backlash nut doesn’t seems to make a difference. In this video, I have loosened off the cap screw

Any ideas on what is going on? Even better, how to fix it?


It seems to me almost as if the set screw in the ACME locking nut at the front is either nicking the bearing or maybe nicking the plastic of the front right foot? I might try taking the nut off and flipping it around and re-installing it, might remove that small amount of interference

That seems to have fixed the problem. Looks like the hole for the set screw wasn’t perfectly centered and I had the thin half on the inside. Flipped it around and the noise went away.

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Excellent! Glad to hear :ok_hand: