Connectivity issues....AGAIN

Machine won’t connect or has VERY limited connectivity, e.g. it stays connected for a few seconds then drops connection again.

Getting very frustrated with this experience.

@toddg You don’t say what the machine is or what software you are using, but if it is a Long Mill and you are using gSender 1.4.3, make sure you are connecting with grbl and not grblHal.;


You may want to ensure your USB sleep feature is shut off on your computer. I don’t run a windows control computer, so I can’t tell you how to shut it off. On my Mac, it was easy to locate and disable. The other thing you may wish to look at, is your USB cable problematic? In my case, my usb plug is tired and should be replaced. The only way to do that is by replacing the motherboard and well on a 13 yr old laptop, that ain’t happening. Let us know how you fix the problem. It will get better, really!

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I’m with Jake on this one. A bit of vibration and you lose the connection. My USB port on my Microsoft Surface computer is a bit “touchy”. It’s not elegant but a bit of masking tape helps stablize the cable connection. Think electrical connection first, software second. Best of luck.

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@toddg Did you resolved your problem, Todd?