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hi all: I have an issue with z cutting too deep. Here is the situation. I am making a sign using carbide create v5 and gcode sender . The cut starts off with a 1/16th inch outline of the letters. That goes OK. Next up is a pocket around the letters with 1/8 th inch bit. I return to zero position and zero all. This is where the problem occurs. The depth starts off at a lower depth than what is in the z depth in the carbide create. The setting are z=.0625, s/o .0208, dpp .030, pr 15, fr 40. The bit continues to drop throughout the pocking. I have include the cc info.
ticat.c2d (724.6 KB)

Hi @bubalarry. gSender just uses the Carbide Create generated .nc file to control the machine so this is unlikely to be the cause of your Z height issue. One potential culprit is when you change tools, that the tool may not be tightly engaged in the collet and may be subject to slipping. You can check this issue by measuring the stickout (how much cutter protrudes from the collet nut) of each cutter in use. They should be the same.

How are you measuring tool length? The tool change could be implicated if you are not using a BitSetter type of tool length measurement device. I checked with .nc viewer after creating the .nc file from your drawing. It displayed correctly so that indicates that the cause to your issue is likely to be mechanical rather than code based. Are you using the same techniques as you have previously used and possibly just missed a step? If you are methodical, you should be able to chase the issue down without too much difficulty.

Sometimes this issue may arise with the stock setting dimensions not matching the cutting. Are you using stock top consistently or do you occasionally use the stock bottom for zero height?

Maybe Z probe the 1/8" bit instead of “return to zero and zero all”
That part sounds a little fishy but I’ve never used carbide create.

thanks for the suggestion. ill look into it.

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