Delrin wheels dragging acroos feet

the Delrin wheels are dragging across the feet there cutting lines…did I do something or is it the feet

I had that happen when my top wheels were not set tight enough. That allowed the gantry to be too low and hit the centre two sets of feet. The clearance is very tight.

adjustment for the top wheels seems fine takes a bit to turn them by hand…the bottom wheels are fixed so im not sure

It can help to loosen the M5 screws a bit before adjusting the eccentric nuts if you can’t turn the eccentric nuts easily.

I found that it helped to lift/push up a bit on the x gantry to take the weight off the top wheels. For me, otherwise, the wheels were hard to turn. When I pressed up a bit on the x gantry, the wheels turned freely. When I did not do the adjustment that way, the bottom wheels hit the middle two supports.

thanks gwilki and andy I did pry up on them and had to use a wedge to hold it than adjust them all seem good now