Disconnection with epoxy pour

I have somes issues recently. I tried to cut handle and V-Carve in a wood-epoxy charcuterie board. Each time, after couple of seconds in the Epoxy, the CNC stop, I got a Alarm when I cut. But when I carve with a 60degree V bit it makes something weird like restarting the same carve 1inch away… this issue I did the same carve 5times before in raw wood without any problem.

I succeeded to cut my handles without any stop or alarm only if I stay my hands on both Axis of the cnc.

My dust collector was OFF and dust shoes not installed. My CNC is grounded from each axes XYZ with alligator clips, bare wire thru my lightning rod.

ControlBoard, router and my laptop are connected into 3 different electric breaker.

Any ideas? It’s not a deal to have my hands always on my cnc hehehe

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The material your cutting into should not matter to the machine. Not at all. that is a weird one. Jut in case though try getting a cord with no ground in it and plug your laptop into that. Never know. Ground feed back loop can cause some weird crap to happen. Hope someone else can chime in here.

You mentioned that you were able to cut the handles while keeping your hands on both CNC axes; were you noticing any irregular vibration/shaking to the system otherwise? Also, did keeping your hands on the system when cutting through the epoxy make any difference, or did the program still restart same as before? When it restarted the lettering on the epoxy, at what point would it restart? (eg. did it restart when changing to the next letter or was the restart timing seemingly random?)

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When I made handles, I made 40 of this. Each one without epoxy was running well. But everyone with epoxy stops. GSender send an alarm notice and I need to reconnect the cnc, remake my homing and restart from the beginning. It will restop after te same length into epoxy (approximately).

I put my hands on the axis not to prevent vibration. Only touching with my fingers.

I talked with Andy so I don’t remake some wood-epoxy board at this time. I will take more informations (alarm notices) and I will look into my controlboard if my arduino is correctly fixed.


@GuillC I will be very interested to hear what you work out with Andy, Guillaume. I’ve not cut much epoxy, but I have cut quite a bit of acrylic and polymer. There is no question in my mind that they develop more static than any wood that I cut. You can see the chips clinging to the surface. It’s not too bad when the protective covering on the sheet is paper, but when it is a sheet of plastic, it is bad.

Like you, I have grounded both the X and Y rails and everything else that I can think of. :grinning:

Please report back when you and Andy work this out. It will definitely help others with static issues.

I have never heard of epoy having static inherent in it never. It won’t act like acrylic.

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Ok I see now, I misunderstood the reason for holding/touching the rails.

As Grant commented, please share when you have an update, it will be interesting to hear how this gets resolved! :grin: