Distance front edge to forward edge of work area?

I’m hoping someone can chime in and let me know what the actual distance is from the front edge of the waste board to the front edge of the cutting/work area. Likewise, the same measurement from the sides.

When I say edge, let’s assume I mean from the outside edge of the feet aligned along the front edge of the wasteboard and likewise from the outside edges of the feet on the sides.

Thanks in advance!


Keep in mind the Sienci dust shoe short changes you on the X axis. If you are industrious just put a bit in the router and move it front to back and side to side. I then lowered the Z until the bit made a mark in the spoil board. I did that to align my spoil board evenly. I didn’t actually measure the distances though. This was for cutting area only.

I just went out and measured mine (30x30). Distance across outside feet to outside feet - 43 1/4 inches. Distance outside front feet to outside back feet - 40 1/4… Distance from front edge of spoil board to center of router with carriage pulled all of the way forward - approximately 1 7/8 to 2 inches. I use the set screws on the delrin nuts so the Y carriage plates actually touch the front feet. If you use the M5 bolts or whatever they are the distance will be at least 1/4 inch or slightly more further.in. Hope this helps.

I think I missed one of your measurements. The side one. After supper I’ll go back to my garage and measure that side. I have the dust shoe on so my measurement will be with that on. I’ll try to see if I can measure from the Y plate to the X plate for an offset.

Thanks, that is super helpful @Heyward43. I haven’t assembled by machine yet cracking open boxes today. I am hoping I can join in on cutting retaining clips for face shields and contribute to local health care or maybe grocery or other workers who need them.

I needed the measurements so I can properly calculate center on my vertical wall mount that I’ve been working on in parallel as detailed in another thread. Vertical milling, but with horizontal orientation so you can side load long pieces

I’m glad I asked about the measurement, I had incorrectly estimated more than 3 inches and since I want to route some 3/4" dog holes along the front edge in order to balance work pieces on them during loading and I would have put them in to the work area without that info.

Presumably it is safe to safe approximate center is 17" from the front edge (2" + (30"/2)). That is really what I was trying to ascertain so I can center that line on the wall.



I have a V1 machine with a dust shoe so that would be exactly what I’m looking for.

Given that, how much more than 2" should I add to the measurement from the front that you provided to accommodate the loss of reach for the shoe?

I appreciate you taking the measurements and sharing.


There shouldn’t be any additional length from the front for the shoe. Just on the sides where the dust shoe extrusion mounts are located. The 2" on the front is the actual distance. Did you use the M5/M6 bolts on adjustment part of the Y axis Delrin nuts (backlash) or the shorter set screws. If you used the bolts they hit the front feet before the plate does. I used the set screws so the measurement I gave you isn’t quite correct. It would add another 1/2 to 3/4 inch further in. There’s no real way the measure that on my machine. I’ll get you the side measurement after supper.

Haven’t completed assembly yet, having to jump between various tasks with kids needing PCs to get online for schooling. What a strange time we live in.


Ain’t that the truth. Ok, I measured from the outside of the left front foot to the center of the router with the router all the way to the left - left dust shoe extrusion up against the Y carriage plate. It was right at 7 1/2 inches. I’m sure the right side measurement would be the same or should be very close. I guess you could just divide the overall width 43 1/4 in half for the side to side center.

Perfect, thanks! Just finished dinner, back to the shop now to continue the build.


Transfering that on to my Sketchup drawing (where I imported the model from On Shape) that gives a cutting area (left to right) with the dust shoe installed of 28 1/4". @chrismakesstuff does that sound right? So running with the shoe on takes ~ 1 3/4" of the cutting width away?


that sounds about right by my numbers. I wish they had come up with a better way to mount it. But I like that it doesn’t move up and down with the router.

Well I’ve got most of it built. Just need to put the motors and feet on to the Y axis in the morning and then put it together and wire it. Really impressed with it overall, although the hexagonal holes for the nuts are a real PITA. Especially the corner ones on the back feet.

The Z-axis and X gantry and quite imposing and nice. :slight_smile:

Glad you are making progress. Hope the vertical set up works for you.

@Heyward43 much appreciated the measurements you provided in my absence. I’ve now put together a more detailed graphic which is based off the CAD and seems to reflect the measurements you’ve given as well. @jwoody18 I’m sure you’ve already seen my response in your other thread, but I’ll link to it here as well in case anyone else is on the lookout for it: