Do I need a new stepper motor?

I have limited space so I mounted my longmill vertically and angled back slightly. After doing this I noticed that the left side of the x/z axis rail dropped about an inch and will not hold level. Seems that the Y1 motor is not holding. Is there a way I can fix this or do I need a new motor? Thanks for any help

@MattFink - Welcome Matt first off. Secondly when you mount vertical you need to set $1=255 if you haven’t already. That will keep the motor powered so it can’t move on its own. This is especially true for vertical mounts. If you have already set $1 then you may have another issue.

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@MattFink Welcome, Matt. In addition to Heyward’s advice, others have added counterweights to the X gantry to counteract the problem. You may want to read this thread, which will give you more information on mounting an using the Mill in vertical orientation.

Thank you! that worked.