Feed rate override feature - Edge 1.2.5

I am trying to use the override +/- buttons in Edge 1.2.5. (I have mapped them to shortcuts, but that is not relevant to the problem.)

In gSender 1.1.7, when I click on the override buttons, the percentage number changes immediately, the actual feed rate indicator changes immediately and the Mill speeds up or slows down immediately. When I click more than once, all these things respond immediately.

In Edge 1.2 5, when I click on the + or -, there is a delay before anything happens. When I click more than once, things get weird. (Sorry for the technical talk.) For example, I just started a file which is nothing more than a large circle. No Z moves and a consistent XY move. The run starts at 100%. When I click 4 times on the - button, after a pause, the read out changes to 70%. If I click 4 more times on -, it does not reduce the speed, it increases to 108%.

While writing this, I went back to try again. Each time I ran the same file, the numbers were different. They were always weird, just different.

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