File loading issues in 1.2.1

Hi, am I the only one still having issues with the new 1.2.1 update of gSender. I still have file loading issue
and I also get error codes in gcode when running gcode that worked perfectly before. I was able to get files to load using the trick someone had posted about loading file before connecting. But with the error codes constantly popping up I was afraid to use cnc. Even after resetting pc and re-installing windows v1.21 still gave errors in gcode and wouldn’t load files. After reinstalling windows twice I’m back to version 1.7 and thankfully everything is back to normal. Gcode with the errors ran perfectly in v1.7. (I use vcarve pro to generate gcode.)

Could you give us a bit more information (operating system, architecture) and share your preferences and log files?

Preferences (on Windows) can be found in C:/Users/{your user name}/AppData/Roaming/gSender/gsender-0.5.6.json

Logs can be found close by: C:/Users/{your user name}/AppData/Roaming/gSender/logs/main.log

I installed 1.2.1 this morning and had a couple of error codes in gcode when running jobs that I’ve been running fine in 1.7. My cnc started going on a tangent from the normal toolpath so I had to stop it as it was trying to make a 3/4" cut in plywood. When I stopped the job through gsender the error code popups went away.

everyone is having this, my mk1 is rendered unusable due to this. down $200 of wood alone already

I didn’t think to copy logs out before I formatted windows for reinstall. I’m back to 1.7 now if those logs will help.
Thank you.

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How did you come to that conclusion? I’ve been using 1.2.2 soon after it came out, and while it did/does have a few avoidable problems file loading is not one of them. I even load my gcode across my network.

I’m suggesting that you have other problems causing this.

Whatever. UGS loads the files fine and never silently failed to load a file. Any fails in UGS generated an appropriate error message to tell me what I did wrong ( in one case the message was enough to tell me that editing the code by hand might be required to change something ). As a new user it does not really matter does it? UGS works and helps when I do something wrong. GSender doesn’t work properly and doesn’t say what it has a problem with. No messages, nothing. All these .gcode files were created by Vectric Desktop. It is not MY problem. Software should just work, or if it doesn’t, it should tell you what it thinks is wrong so you can try to do something about it. Also, your experience doesn’t dictate what others experience. The world is a LOT more complicated than that.

I’m too old for “passion!” :smiley: Well, 1.2.2 still has this highly random jogging problem, but only if you hold a jog button longer than the hold-down-delay time. No way for me to troubleshoot it, but I have not had a problem while only using the keyboard, so that’s what I do.

It is a good solution, because I no longer have a touch screen input. I has shown up by mouse click-holding the jog buttons on-screen (extremely randomly), so I don’t do that either (or very sparingly and never holding.) It isn’t a problem, mainly because I’m moving on to the next version soon.

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Yeah I’ve heard some other scattered reports of that too and at one point spent a full hour jogging every which way I could and still couldn’t get anything wrong to happen.

Tex, could you maybe send me your entire gSender settings file from the main settings window? I’m wondering if maybe some combination of things is causing it to happen. If you ever caught it on video with the console tab open it’d also be a lifesaver

@chrismakesstuff @CrookedWoodTex I’m not 100% I follow the jogging issue, but if what is meant is that jogging stops before unclicking jog buttons in the UI, then I definitely experienced that many times last night. It wasn’t at all hard to encounter and was super annoying because I was moving some 750mm when setting up limits on my machine. It would happen multiple times during 750mm moves. I think that jogging via the gamepad was not affected, as one might expect if keyboard jogging isn’t affected.

I figured this one WAS on my end. I was using a wireless mouse. The receiver was on the back of the computer so there was some good shielding going on between the mouse and the receiver. I moved the receiver to the front of the system, as I was also seeing laggy wireless keyboard behavior. Unfortunately I do not recall if this eliminated the issue or not as I was in the process of setting up to use the gamepad (which is wired in, even though it is capable of being used as a wireless device). Furthermore, the issue is somewhat similar to what might happen as mouse buttons wear out (though I doubt that this mouse button is worn out as I do not recall seeing any dropped drags while click-dragging).

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I’m not sure, I’ll have to wait for Tex to clarify. The issue you bring up I was going to say I had a few more ideas on what it could be but if you’ve found the source on your end then I’m happy to hear that :smiley:

OK, but I’ve done this before.

To clarify, I haven’t seen an under-run problem (as @Brayvin describes.) When my event happens, it is always an over-run problem. It always keeps going beyond the point where I release the “button.”

I would describe it as a buffer being filled by the down-button event, but not truncated by the up-button event.

I normally jog with my keyboard to move the XYZ points around the Workspace without a hint of a problem.

I shortened a 1/16" bit by jamming it into the zero block, because I was impatient and wanted to get closer before I started the probe operation. So, it isn’t necessarily program related.

I only mention this all because its there in the scary background waiting for me to screw up. :smiley: I haven’t turned my back on it in a long while, so the beast doesn’t infect my normal operating processes.

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