Files Disappear

After I close a file in Gsender where does the file go? If I turn off Gsender and then turn it back on the file is not there, What am I doing wrong?

Are you getting the file into gSender by opening a file that is saved on your computer? If so it should still be there in the same spot but you have to open it again.


Files aren’t kept open on program closing/opening. You’d need to reopen the file in gSender. As Michael mentioned, the file should still be in the same spot you originally opened it from.

Thanks for the replies!
This is what I do. I click on the icon Save toolpath in material setup. Close that screen. Then click on Save Toolpath on the Save Toolpath screen. This takes me to the Save As box. I select .sienci-sessions. Then I click on save. Then I open up Gsender. And in .sienci-sessions the file shows up. Then load file and it does. The file runs correct. I I close the file with the X. and it says are you sure. I click yes. If I close the Gsender then turn it back on and look for the file it is gone.
I hope this makes sense.

I would save it somewhere else like your Documents folder. I’m not sure what OS you are using but I’m guessing because it has ‘sessions’ in the name that it is a temporary folder and only good for the current gSender session.

Also files and folders that start with a dot usually have a special purpose. I created a Documents/Vectric folder for all my projects. Then I create a folder for each project and save anything related to that project in there.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Michael! I did that and it works!

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@Dean As @_Michael resolved your problem, I am closing this topic.