Forum and FB group

Is there a way to combine the forum and FB group? I’ll never log in to FB again, fun reasons that chap my ass, lots of people here that could answer FB questions as well.


I totally agree with you Rick. I have moved off of Facebook as many others I know have, due to their manipulative practices.


@RickW As you have shown, anyone using the Facebook page is more than welcome here.

In my opinion, and this is in no way meant to reflect the opinion of anyone at Sienci, I would not want to see the two memberships combined. From my very limited experience lurking on the Facebook page, I have seen too much incorrect or incomplete information passed along to those trying to learn to use the Long Mill or any of the associated applications. I believe that it would be detrimental to this group to bring all that over.

Again, just my opinion.


A vote here for staying way from Facebook.

That’s a really good point, Grant. I guess what happens is that people at the beginning of their CNC adventure tend to acquire knowledge from wherever they happen to be on the continuum. This factor underpins the giving of incomplete or incorrect information because the question is being answered by people who do not know what they don’t know. The last link in this already severely weakened chain of information is the responder’s failure to undertake basic factual research.


I agree guys, “combine” was the wrong word to use, that incorrect information stuff filtering into here would be a bad idea. Pointing the FB group users here would be a better idea. We need a FB spy or something. Or not worry about it too much, it’s just frustrating.

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