Go to XY0 still moves Z axis before X/Y

Hello all,

First post here! From everything I’ve read, the “Go XY0” command should only move the X/Y axis. Well, even with version 1.1.7 mine still moves the Z axis and to top it off, it moves the Z axis first. I know there are workarounds but figured I would first see if anyone has experienced this or knows how to fix it. I’m using post from Fusion 360 if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance for any help/feedback, Cheers!

Hello @Karma and welcome to the forum! The first thing that comes to mind is do you have a safe height set in gSender. If you do that will cause it to move the Z axis before the X and Y axis.

How safe height works depends on if you have limit switches/sensors activated. You can read about it here.

If you don’t have a safe height set in gSender then I’m not sure what it could be.

Hope this helps and again welcome to the forum, I’ve found the community here to very friendly and helpful.



@Karma As @_Michael said, this is by design.

By all means, take the time to read the gSender documentation. Here is a link to the page that sets out how the Mill will react when you click on “go to XY0” in gS.

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Thanks for the response @_Michael. I had 60mm for the safe height value, which as you probably already know, caused the z-axis to move in an unexpected direction. @gwilki, I read the the documentation prior to posting but apparently misinterpreted what the safe height origin point was. After dealing with several various software programs and their various safe heights, retract heights, clearance heights, etc., I understood it as the safe height value (60mm in this case) would move the z-axis to “60mm” above the lowest z-axis point. As I now understand it, the safe height value is an offset in the “-” direction from the z-axis max height. I guess it also didn’t help that I read in several places where movement of the “Z-axis” was completely removed from this command, so I was not expecting any movement, much less movement in the “-Z” direction… LOL

Question, how is the z-axis max height determined when the “XY0” command is pressed? Does it rely on the most recent homing data or soft/hard limits? I would like to have a better understanding of how the safe height origin is determined if, let’s say I manually change the z-axis location and forget to rehome before using the “XY0” command.

Once again, thanks for the response and input guys!

@Karma Before going further, a question that I should have asked at the outset. Do you have limit switches installed?

@gwilki yes I do. Limit switches, soft limits enabled, homing enabled.

My step Dad got ‘bit’ by this behavior, pun intended as he lost a couple of bits before we figured out how it works. So as you have probably gathered, with limit switches the safe height is an offset ‘down’ from the top of the Z axis. I don’t think it’s the way to go but I didn’t write the software. I personally feel if they can calculate where to move the axis down from the top that they could do one or two more calculations and have it rise even with limit switches and stop just short of hitting the top. IMHO moving down should never happen unless I press the down Z button when jogging. I consider it a bug and don’t use the ‘feature’.

As to your question without knowing the code base all I can think of is that is must use the information from the last homing. Maybe @KGN can confirm this for us.