gSender 1.0.2 Chokes on Outline

My program is 16. 7K lines long. I always do the Outline function before cutting.

gSender put up a message that it was calculating the outline.

After awhile it completely went away to the Windows 10 desktop. It just dropped dead with no messages.

Running the Test on the code worked fine without messages and showed the correct cutting paths on screen.

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Would you be able to share this file with us (either publicly or through DM if it’s proprietary) so we could test to see what might be happening?


You got it, Kevin.


We’ve made some changes to the outline tool for an upcoming release to address this - such as returning to original start position on completion, as well as reducing how accurate the convex hull is to the point dataset to fix issues with files such as the one you sent.

Your file seems to be generating outlines correctly now on the dev build but I’ll follow up once the next version releases.