gSender 1.0.2 Update


According to the release # in the upper left corner of the gSender screen I have version 1.0.1. When I click the box that says Update available to download/Download and install, it goes through the motions as if installing but doesn’t. I have to reload it and it returns to the message to download and install and version 1.0.1 remains visible.

Please advise,

@Geuley - Gerry, it’s a known issue to a lot of us. Best way to solve this is to download gSender from the GitHub site (Releases · Sienci-Labs/gsender · GitHub). Select the release entry that applies to your computer system. There’s a whole list of them. After you download and before you install go into settings, apps and uninstall gSender. In my case I have to uninstall it twice since there will usually be more than one entry. If only one entry shows up uninstall it and back out of settings. Then go back into settings, apps again and make sure no more entries exist. If there is another entry uninstall it also. After that run the file you just downloaded to install 1.0.2 and you’re good to go.

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Thanks a bunch, followed your instructions and I AM good to go! Gerry