gSender 1.0.7 Release

Hey folks,

Small release today focusing on mostly bug fixes. We’ve posted a roadmap for the upcoming year detailing out development plans for gSender over the next year that’ll be linked below - we all can’t wait to get some of the things we’ve been working on into your hands .

The PI build is going to be delayed until Monday due to technical issues with the build process - We’ll make it available as soon as we can. We apologize for this - we’re looking at some alternatives to make the build process for ARM7L a little more consistent.

As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed feedback, bug reports, or pull requests so we can continue to improve gSender!


  • MK2 12X30 configuration now properly selectable
  • Added Mist, flood, and stop coolant keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed issue with surfacing spiral pattern where center strip could be missed with some parameters
  • Fixed issue in calibration where the direction it asked you to move gantries wasn’t correct in some situations.
  • Laser offset no longer resets to previous value on toggle of laser mode
  • Numerous surfacing tooltip and unit conversion issues fixed
  • Surfacing now lets you select M3 or M4 movement
  • Rapid position buttons now use $27 pulloff value for determining final positions
  • Outline tool now stores and restores modals on completion
  • Improvements to settings storage and persistence
  • Migrated from Electron 10 to Electron 18
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Updated to latest version of gsender(1.0.7) and gsender now freezes on opening.
Anyone know the reason or a fix?

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I updated my GSender and it will not load the program it get stuck on the logo. I let it run 5 minutes and still stuck on logo.

@Fireman1963 , @fafesb :

Can you share your configuration and log files with me?

Logs are located in “C:\Users{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\gSender\logs\main.log”

Configuration files are in “C:\Users{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\gSender\gsender-0.5.6.json”

One thing to try in the meantime is to rename your configuration file (the .json) to something different and start gSender - see if a new configuration fixes it.

Past that, I’ve hidden the release for the time being to narrow down what’s going wrong - something that we weren’t seeing on local machines is affecting some users, and the above steps will help narrow down if it’s a settings migration or something else.

@KGN Kevin. Should those of us who have downloaded 1.0.7, but not installed it, hold off for now?

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I’d probably recommend that. This is what happens when you try to release on Friday the 13th

Wll not work here either.

Windows 64Bit Pro
Intel(R) Atom™ x5-Z8350 CPU @ 1.44GHz 1.44 GHz


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I’ll extend to you the same request as above - if you can send your configuration and log files, it would help us narrow down why this is affecting some users.

In the meantime, you should be able to downgrade to 1.0.6 without issue.

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Here is my side of the story…

I updated to GSender 1.0.7 on 2 computers.
95% of the time, i get the SplashScreen, but it never makes it to the Software GUI
No entries in main.log for these Startup timestamps
Majority of the entries in main.log are:

[2022-04-21 21:47:07.399] [info] Result of powerSaveBlocker: true

If i rename/remove the main.log, it does not get recreated for these Startup timestamps
See provided Config JSON
gsender-0.5.6.json (30.1 KB)

Laptop Production PC is pretty clean as it only has GSender + LightBurn + Dropbox Installed (To propagate GCode files from Creation PC to Production PC)

Running on Intel Core I5-4310U@2GHz/2.6GHz with Windows 10/21H2/build 19044.1706

When i get this issue, if i reboot, it works. If I Hibernate the laptop, then come back later, no change.

Will go back to 1.0.6 for the current project.

After getting back to 1.0.6, all is good and the main.log gets recreated at startup.
May help to pinpoint issue...

Hope this helps…


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Don’t know if it has been mentioned or if I did something on my end but I just noticed the “XYZ” titles are missing from the zero buttons.

Screenshot 2022-06-04 13.27.23

They were there before, right?