Gsender 1.2.2 - Workspaces moving x and y positions

I have the Longmill mk2 48x30 using Gsender 1.2.2. with x,y,z homing sensors.
I have the machine homed in the front left area —the gray number for X is 2.150. The gray number for Y is 30.404. The blue X and Y are both 0.00.
I home all six workspaces to these same coordinates as backups.
I have been using the homing sensors for a while now with little trouble mostly. Here’s the issue I have now.
I was running a v-carve project. The first carve was fine. After the bit change and proper tool path loaded I set the Z height and proceeded the carve from the indicated blue X 0.00 and Y 0.00. - I unfortunately ruined the carve by not checking the gray numbers. They had changed to X - 2.156 and Y - 30.266.
So, somehow the X axis moved .006 inches and the Y axis moved .138 inches and still showed 0.00 for the blue X and Y. Weird.
I figured that I moved something while changing the bit or the speed on the router so I went to my trusty five additional workspace backups (g55-59) and found that they all had been changed the same way.
I re-set all of the workspaces and was able to duplicate the error. I am at a loss as to the cause. This just happened but doesn’t appear to be project specific. Just a normal v-carve with a bit change and new tool path.
This seems to be a software bug so this might be related - earlier today and several times prior I was jogging the router over using the mouse when it wouldn’t stop moving when I let go of the button. I chalked it up to a sticky mouse button - even though I didn’t feel it sticking. I proceeded as normal after the “sticking”.
I have not done anything with it yet.
Does anybody have any ideas?

To me the word “homed” does not mean the location where I set XY-zero. Is that how you are using the term? My Shapeoko performs homing at the upper right, and I set my XY-zero somewhere else depending on where I clamp my material. Are you using the term “homing” correctly?

This isn’t something that will help you much.

The “gray numbers” are not what your gCode will be using. The “blue numbers” are what your item will be cut with.

I’m just trying to determine what you are doing and how you understand the process.

Pardon my terminology.
My machine “homes” to the back left corner where the sensors are located ( X to the left and Y to the rear).
I set my X zero and Y zero to the front left area for my convenience. I use a fixture at this front left area to mount my material so that I don’t have to re-set my X and Y each time I change bits. I only have to set the Z height after a bit change.
Because my fixture is screwed down to the table I will occasionally move my X and Y location to accommodate project material as needed (my fixture is set for the material to be carved working from its left front corner). When I re-set the X and Y positions to the center of a project, I carve the project then move the X and Y back to the front left and zero their positions. I could just manually jog the machine to the front left but for convenience, I just go to a different workspace then use that to go back to my original front left X and Y. I then change back to my default G54 workspace re-set my X and Y. All of the workspaces are then back to being set to the same X and Y.
I can do this without homing the machine and usually do.
—Today’s problem—
After the bit change the carving does indeed start from the indicated blue X - 0.00 and Y - 0.00. The zero positions have been moved, however (as indicated by the gray numbers - the X axis moved .006 inches and the Y axis moved .138 inches).

I’m not sure why your machine coordinates are changing, they shouldn’t. In my workflow I often set the center of the XY plane as 0, 0 in work coordinates. Because of this I have ‘backed up’ the position in a workspace I use only for that purpose. I know if I home, switch to that workspace and Go XY0 that I’m in the center of the XY plane. I haven’t had any time where the machine coordinates changed mysteriously.

I think that Tex is right in that if the blue work coordinates were still the same, at the same place the carve should have been in the right place.

I’m not saying this is the problem but I always home on startup and then don’t need to again.

I don’t understand this part. If all your tool paths use the same origin point you should never have to reset X and Y for a bit change.

We are on the same page. I don’t understand either. I home at the start of the day and don’t normally re-set X and Y unless I think I somehow physically moved the router while changing the bit. It hasn’t been a problem before now. I didn’t change any settings. In any case it makes no sense to me why all the other workspace X and Y positions would be affected if I did changed positions on one.
Perhaps I’ll re-set and/or re-install Gsender and see if it clears up. I wanted to check with the group here first for any ideas.

OK, good we are on the same page. Hope your plan will fix it, because I don’t have a bunch of ideas.

Jim, look at my attached post for my method of working with Workspaces. Its been exceedingly successful for me and doesn’t seem like it is too far from what you are already doing (sans the current problem.)

Good information. Thank You.