gSender 6.5 Beta Windows - does not end Homing

I had planned on doing more testing. however I have a busy schedule I think I have enough reproducible information to log the bug.

When homing in gSender homing error never clears as complete :slight_smile:

1 - setup environment for homing
2 - exit gSender
3 - launch gSender
4 - connect to longmill
5 - UI Pops up requesting Homing
6 - click on the LOCK
7 - wait for homing to complette

note that the machine goes to idle, but the lock doesnt go away
Note I wanted to try typing $x in the console to see if it clears the error, just ran out of time

See video

Same steps completed in UGS (working as expected)

Thanks for the info @Menglor will have to look into this. We donโ€™t often get a chance to test on machines with limit switches since even our office machines donโ€™t have them. I think a $X would clear it but obviously thatโ€™s not the best for a long-term solution. :+1:

Iโ€™m not in front of my computer right now so I canโ€™t tell you for sure but I believe the dollar sign X when entered into the console works fine

seems to be working

resolved in 0.6.7

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