gSender 6.6 Beta Windows - UI State bug


When gSender is in “Checking Gcode file” mode, the UI is locked even if you Stop the job

I have seen a few behaviors like this, where the UI gets stuck in a state, and the only way to clear it is to exit the program, and then re-launch.

I say this, because I dont believe this is the ONLY place it happens, but this is reproducible 100% of the time.

I have seen the following behavior when you Click START JOB, or TEST RUN.

Oddly, it only happens on the START JOB Randomly, but once it starts, it wont stop.

1 - Load the attached GCODE file

2 - Click on TEST RUN

3 - wait a few seconds, UI will update with a “Checking Gcode file” in the upper right of the screen

4 - Click on the Stop Job

5 - Note the Checking Gcode file doesnt go away.

6 - click START JOB

7 - Note that the confirmation still says Checking Gcode file (restarts at 0%)

8 - Click Stop Job

9 - Click Start Job

10 - Note that the confirmation still says “Checking Gcode” file (restarts at 0%)

The UI is stuck in this model till you let the “Checking Gcode” file hit 100%, otherwise its now stuck in this mode,

even if you click on RUN JOB, if its stuck in this state, it wants to complete the “Checking Code”, and only then will it stop

I want to be clear, I have this this “checking Gcode” when I click on the start button. but its usually after HOURS of running.

4-red-CLEARING.gcode (926.5 KB)

Video of the problem

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@Menglor FWIW, Stephen, I can duplicate your issue with both your file and others of my own. Interesting, after clicking on test run, as you say, the UI seems to be stuck on checking gcode file. However, if you click on stop, test run, then stop again, it goes to idle state. I’m not proposing this as a work around; just putting it out there for the information of the development team.


Ironically I saw this the first time after running start job. Not test run.

However it’s possible I did click run test run. But I doubt it.

all that said, the issue is that its stuck with a state variable that is preventing me to move forward.

i have seen other screen behaviors where its stuck and I have to reset the application because it wont allow me to actually start.

this is just how I was able to reproduce the problem (easily)

@Menglor I’ve tested this with the latest 0.7.2 and I believe the bug has been taken care of. Can you confirm on your end?

verified, the problem no longer exists in 7.2

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