Gsender disconnects

gsender is disconnecting from router when I change tools. Sure would like to know why.

Thank you

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Are you moving the router away from the work when you change tools? Is it to a location that does not have the workpiece under it?

@jepho, why would moving the router away make any difference?

Electromechanical interference (EMI) may be the cause of your issue. Power leads from domestic outlets carry alternating current and this current, if it is too close to the thin leads that carry the impulses for the stepper motors, can create situations where the current in the stepper motor leads does not flow as expected.

If you do move the router to change the cutter, it may be that the power lead is moved near enough to the stepper motor leads, or other thin control leads, to impede or kill the flow of electrons.

Using shielded leads and adding ferrite cores may help with electrical noise suppression. Separating the power lead from all other leads may also address the issue for you.

This article may be helpful…

@2dswood Welcome to the group, David.

What CAM software are you using to create your gcode?

What post processor are you using?

Can you post one of your gcode files where this is happening?

We are using vcarve desktop version. Win 10 pro os. Post processor is Grbl code. Not able to send gcode at this time as I am a new user

@2dswood OK. Using Vcarve and grbl inch or grbl mm, you must be creating a separate tool path for each tool. Vcarve does not allow for different tools in one toolpath using those post processors.

So, you run the first tool path, and the router returns to its start position in X and Y. Z is raised from Z0 by the safe amount. Are you saying that, at that point, gSender disconnects from the controller? That is, the disconnected/connected gui shows disconnected?

We are using grbl inch. After the run and router returns to xy zero and z returns to safe height, router is still turning. I then turn the router off for the tool change, and thats when the machine disconnects. by the way, thanks for the help. Yes the gui shows disconnect.

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@2dswood Well, David, I think this is a first. I have no clue on what could be causing this. Maybe someone else will. Just for giggles, though, if you can, instead of turning the router off, leave it running and unplug it. I know that this is not really recommended, but I must admit that I am curious.

I have moved this to the gSender board because there is a team at Sienci that watches this board for gS issues.

T Slot .375 1in Vert.gcode (176 Bytes)
It has happened on a few other occasions, but yesterday I ran this gcode yesterday and it happened twice in a row. So far I have run 3 projects with no problems. I don’t know if this matters but when I first connected to the com port it was connecting to port 4. A few days ago without changing anything port 11 came up as the connect port.

@2dswood No offence, David, but if the port changed from com 4 to com 11, something changed in windows. gSender only connects to the port assigned by windows.

Are you powering your router through a relay? You have spindle start (M3) and stop (M5) codes in that gcode file.

No offence taken. I welcome sound advice. I’m pretty much a newbie at this and I really would like to be able to load a piece of wood on the table with confidence that everything will work right. We are not powering through a relay. Computer is on one circuit. CNC and router are on another together. Could you explain what the spindle start M3 and stop M5 means? Is it normal for windows to just change com ports like that?
Thank you

@2dswood PM sent, David.

Happened again. Fresh start this morning, Ran one simple keyhole slot with no problem. Powered the router down and loaded another piece of stock. Ran the keyhole slot again, powered down the router and gsender disconnected. I am attaching a screen shot where it says that the cut was only 71% complete, but the cut was completed. It also shows that the router is still turning, when indeed it had been shut off.

T Slot .375 1in Vert.gcode (176 Bytes)
3-8x5-16.crv (25 KB)

The only thing I have left to do is ?

@2dswood David: A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that, instead of using the switch to turn off the router, you unplug it while it is running. Did you try that? Also, what came of the windows com port issue? In my PM, I mentioned that, but I did not get a reply.

Did you turn off windows updates and is your pc connected to the internet?
Sometimes a windows update can change some settings which can mess up your COM ports or even turn on USB interruption (or power down) again in the power management screen, which can force windows to close that COM port after some time.

I’m running my CNC using a laptop that’s completely disconnected from the internet.
Updates are off, no LAN cable is connected, WiFi is off.
All that to make sure the laptop stays the way I configured it.
I transfer my files from my desktop pc in the house to my laptop using a USB stick.

I had a big problem with disconnects until I put a USB hub between computer and longboard. A very obscure “known” issue between a Mac and Arduino on at least one OS