gSender Edge - New U and a call for feedback

I asked because the above post you refer to didn’t contain version numbers for gSender or Edge so I was unsure what or which program V1.4.7 referred to.
Which program, EDGE or plain gSender, do you believe is the most used program?

@Lappa I would assume that gSender is the more used of the two. Edge is the “beta” version. Although, at some time during the cycle, it will contain features that gSender does not, many users may be wary of being “beta testers”.
That said, right now, gSender is more feature-rich than Edge since gSender has been frequently updated to accommodate new hardware such as the Vortex and the SLB, and to run under grbl-hal.
When the new and improved Edge is released, we will be back to what was the norm. That is, Edge will have the latest features. As @walid_kayhan posted, when those features have been sufficiently tested and tweaked in the real world, they will be rolled into gSender.
Having read what I just posted, I want to be clear on one thing. I do not speak for Scienci. I can only relate on how the process has worked since Edge came into being. I am reasonably confident that what i am saying is accurate, though, again given Walid’s post.

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Here’s my feedback (annotated images as well):
• I really don’t like items overlapping the visualizer, and I’m not a fan of the “progress plywood.”
• The status trapezoid doesn’t really match any other icon, I’d make it a big rounded rectangle like other icons, or integrate with the machine box that says “30x30 Longmill”
• The Z axis and A axis jogs are missing drop-shadow, but I imagine this is still a WIP.
• There’s three different style of headers - I think they’d benefit from more consistency. I also think headers 1 & 2 should be inside the boxes since they are controls within those sections, while header 3 selects between windows for that section. My 3rd image has an alternate concept (I recognize I cut off the file name, I would adjust box layout or shrink visualizer ever so slightly, I didn’t quite get the fonts right but hope you get the idea).
• I don’t like outline/start from sitting up in the visualizer, they seem more at home within File Info or Job Control.
• I think having probe, macros, spindle, and console all in one box is a lot. It could be possible to combine File Info & Job control (ensuring all controls are always accessible) to give space for another section (maybe even give the user customization over what items are in that box?
• For the info/size toggle, I’d try to match its style to the jog speed toggle.
• I don’t really like the feed override sliders, they look like progress bars. Maybe have some indicators for max/min to give a sense of scale? If you drag it around now you need to watch the percent value change, but you could put tick marks from 0-200% and make it like a thermometer.