Gsender Go XY0 also moving Z axis down

When I select GO XY0 it goes to X0 Y0 which is fine, but it also moves the Z axis Down which is very inconvenientm particularly if the bit is only 8mm from the job… Can this be changed?

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Check out this thread, it sounds like the same problem.

Thanks. However, why would you want it to move down? Surely the safe thing to do is to lift the bit away from the job before moving the X and Y axis? From its position ( my example 8mm from the job) it’s not going to trigger a limit switch.
I’ve set my safe height to 2mm at the movement and will have to ensure I modify the GCode in my programs to ensure it lifts high enough at the end. My Z lift in the programs is currently set at 3mm to it doesn’t take extra time having to lift higher as it goes to different positions during a cut.

If you have limit switches and homing turned on then setting the safe height to 2mm will move the Z to 2mm down from the homed Z position which should always result in an upward movement in practice.

I personally don’t agree with the way they have decided to make the safe height work. The fact that entering a large safe height with limit switches and homing can result in a downward motion is just wrong to me. In my opinion something that’s labeled “Safe Height” should never result in a downward motion of the Z axis.

That’s fine and you shouldn’t need to change it. The safe height in gSender is totally separate from the safe height in your CAD/CAM software. The safe height “feature” in gSender only effects things outside of running a gCode file. Once you start running a file all gSender does is stream what’s in the file and send commands to GRBL when you hit a button like Pause, Stop, or Feed Override.

So in short if you don’t have homing turned on you want a largish safe height in gSender and if you do have homing on then you want a small safe height set. That is if you choose to use the safe height in gSender at all which I don’t.

By the way, welcome to the community! Have fun and be safe.

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Thanks for the welcome and advice. How do I turn “safe height “ off, which I think is the way to go.?

I guess entering 0 would be the way to go, thinking about it.

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Correct, just put zero for the safe height and it will be off.

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