gSender on Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC

Has anyone been able to successfully install gSender on Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC? The computer I use to run my cnc is really old, so most modern OS, including stripped down ubuntu have performance issues. Raspberry Pi Desktop is basically a pared down distro of Debian with an interface like Raspbian. Since it is debian, I can’t use the appimage from the website that one would use for a Raspberry Pi. I did find and download gSender_0.7.3_amd64.deb package from the website. I was able to install it via command line. It installs the program and dependencies without error. However when executing the program, I get an hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing. I am able to run CNCjs on this system with no issues. I just really like the fact that gSender is taking it to the next level and updating a lot of functionality and abilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the installation might not be going through properly. You can refer to the installation page and try to follow those steps:

I had read through this page before posting the question. There is no mention of installing on Debian or any version of Linux thereof. It only covers Windows, Mac and Raspbian. When I installed the debian package there were no errors indicating that the installation of gSender and it’s dependencies did not go as expected. I was just curious if anyone had successfully used Rapsberry Pi Desktop for PC with gSender since the distro is a stripped down version of an older Debian distro.

It looks like Raspberry Pi Desktop is 32 bit userland - all the Linux builds are 64 bit or ARM. We could probably add a 32 bit version for future releases, but it’s somewhat low priority since non-Pi Linux versions as whole are an extremely low percentage of current users (under 0.2%).

It’s possible for you to produce a 32 bit linux binary yourself from the repo if you’re interested/comfortable in doing so, but I’m not 100% on how easy that path will be, since for sure you’ll need to compile a native version of serialport library as they don’t provide a prebuilt image for that OS/arch combination.


OK… it’s good to know that it’s a 32-bit problem and not a keyboard actuator error… Compiling my own binary would be way outside my comfort level. It’s ok though. I will try to figure something else out as I am really liking the interface you folks are working on. I really liked CNCjs compared to UGS, but was sad to learn it wasn’t under development anymore. Keep up the good work folks… your efforts are appreciated by the community.

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