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Good day y’all!

I know I had a thread previously for this but this world is all about learning and I quickly discovered that combining a post on issues as well as suggestions quickly became mostly issues which I feel are better left to the release threads.

As we’re slowly working our way towards a stable release of gSender, me and the team are trying to make considerations as to what remaining features we want to fit into the first stable version, and then what to prioritize afterwards.

Using voting, I hope this will be a good central location to summarize the feedback that I’m seeing from everyone in addition to features that I myself have come up.

gSender Wish list

  • Improved handling of reliability & slowness (Lightweight mode)
  • In-app counter that informs you on hours of machine operation (actual running jobs) to help time upkeep, maintenance, and just for fun :slight_smile:
  • Jogging on machine pause (e.g. for tool changing)
  • Highly accurate time estimation
  • Ability to reload the same file if it’s being iterated on
  • Headless Pi operation
  • “First Run” / Configuration Wizard
  • Beginner mode: checks up on you and walks you through things
  • Make visible all currently active modal states
  • Surface / heightmap probing tool
  • Advanced probing tool for centre-finding, hole probing, etc.
  • Code splitting feature
  • G-code realignment
  • Job arraying
  • Job management / scheduling
  • G-code editor
  • Pendant
  • Full 3D cutting visualization

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Please vote if you see anything here that you’d like to see implemented. Also, please reply in this thread if you have other ideas that aren’t mentioned or would like to add onto the ideas currently posted :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally would like to see a little description for each line just so that I know what I’m voting on some of them are clear as day other or not so much

And I’d like to be able to vote on multiple of these items maybe a sign a number I mean it’s I understand it’s a pole but there’s a few of that I really really want

I made a mistake when making the poll, thanks for the heads up Stephen. Now you should be able to vote on as many as you like :+1:

Let me know which ones aren’t clear and I’ll add a description to them

What is the Gcode realignment?

That would be the ability to rotate to move around your imported g-code in relation to its starting point. This is handy if, for instance, you set your material size incorrectly when you make the g-code in CAM, because then you can tweak the starting point in gSender

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Wish lift for Gsender
Would like to have jog controller a precise speed not rapid , its much to fast on Z with a 20 degree vbit

Hey @romeo, you can choose the speed for precise mode in the settings: Using gSender - gSender Docs

Is that what you’re looking for?

EDIT: I see now what you mean Romeo. We’ll tweak this for the next version

I’m looking for it in calibration only . Calibration is not somthing you use daily , so I’m willing to go slow when calibtatin the machine. The same speed as I have for precise in the jogger for using the touch plate.
PS . my calibration is only 1.1mm of f.


At least on a “low-end” Mac, but well above stated minimum spec, the USB serial driver is unusable, reverting to idle continually

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Hi Saskia, yes I still have our other conversation open here to keep it at the top of my mind: Redirecting...

I have yet to understand still your situation, alongside another gentleman’s situation of gSender lagging behind quite significantly for them: Redirecting...

The commonality is not having an adequate testing option, as well as not hearing about these issues anywhere else yet. Thanks for posting here as well though, sometimes I can forget these things :+1: