gSenter not updating properly

I don’t know if this is tied to any specific version

I have been experiencing this problem for quite a while

However today I tried playing around with it and reproduce the problem I don’t have the steps but here’s the synopsis

I have had various versions installed the current version installed is .6.8(I believe I have it set for all users)

I launch gSender,. It advises me that there is a new version to install what I like to install it

I say yes and click okay I think

Install go through I pick all and it goes through the defaults as you would expect

The last question that asks me is do you want to execute g sender and I say yes

Once the program launches the banner for 6.8 is still there and it’s prompting me to install .7.0 again

It’s Windows version 10 64-bit pro

I’m 99% sure I actually don’t have a virus scanner running

And I have firewalls disabled

Work around that works is uninstalling gSender

Then running the dot 7. 0 g center installer

It advises me that I should not run the install.

I click on the more button and then choose the install

It prompts me then do you want to allow installation into c:\program files

I say yes it installs and everything is fine

I have been experiencing this since the early parts of the beta it’s one of those it’s sometimes installs the update and sometimes it doesn’t

I’ve tried installing into default folder or a custom folder
I’ve even tried it uninstalling installing an old one and allowing it to update and it seems to work fine it just seems to be moody sometimes

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s running into this but I can’t reproduce It on demand


@Menglor thanks for adding this bug here. I’ve also seen it posted once or twice on the FB group so it’s good to have it recorded here as well. I’ll note this down as something to investigate and we’ll see if we can implement a fix soon :+1:

@chrismakesstuff - Chris, Last night after the release announcement I started gSender and of course noticed the download and install option. I started the download and completed the install but it was still showing 0.7.1. I restarted gSender and still had the download and install option. So I ran it a second time. This time it installed the new version and the download and install option disappeared. Hoping this hasn’t screwed up the libraries but it seems to run ok on my test arduino. I’ve seen others that seem to have the same problem with having to run it twice. Win 10 Pro/x64.


So, we think the issue is that we were allowing downloading both globally but also on individual user profiles and that allowed for two different versions of gSender to exist. I believe on the release this Friday that’ll be taken care of.

If you first uninstall all instances of gSender on your computer, and then install the new version - I hope that this issue will be taken care of. I’ll bump this topic for now but I suppose we’ll have to just give it a bit more time to see if the issue has - in fact- been fixed.

@Menglor , @Heyward43 have either of you noticed this continuing to be an issue into the newest updates?

@chrismakesstuff - I haven’t tried it yet Chris. I have been uninstalling and running the .exe file off of GitHub for the last 2 iterations and that works fine. I’ll try updating the old way from gSender next update and let you know then.

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It has worked for me, in the last 3 versions.

that said, someone in the facebook group reported upgrading to 7.5 was an issue.

I will keep my eyes open

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I haven’t heard any updating issues recently so I’ll close this thread. If anyone else comes across similar issues feel free to start a new thread and link this old one :slight_smile: