Hello from the newbie,

Hello all,

I am going to buy the 30x30 LM. Is there anything I should consider before I buy? What add-ons should I purchase now, or later. where is the best place to learn software? What mistakes did some of you make when you bought your first machine? what bits should I start out with? I do know there is a significant learning curve to all of this.



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@stevewiley, just make sure you love to solve problems and you’ll do fine. I’d mess with the CAD software to see if you have the ability to design/create what you think you’d like to use your CNC for. That was the biggest issue with me or concern. Being an IT tech guy I wasn’t to worried, but also know if you were to hate that part CNCing would not be enjoyable.

Good Luck and know there are tons of people on here that are more than willing to help a guy out.

@stevewiley Welcome to the group, Steve. You’ll find it THE place to come to for help and advice should you decide to buy a Long Mill. Even if you don’t and “gasp” buy a different brand, you’ll find help here with software and tooling.

In terms of add-ons, much depends on what you plan to do with your Mill. Here is a recent thread from a Long Mill “waiter” who asked the same question:

@Jammer As an aside, welcome back, Jeff. Long time, no see you on the forum :grinning:

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@stevewiley Welcome to the forum! Lots of great folks here that you can ask away! @Jammer welcome back! Did you order your long mill? If you have, how has it been going?
@gwilki has been a fantastic resource for many here! Grant, you are appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I ordered a refurbished dell laptop this morning. Just over 600.00. I feel better using that in the shop than my MacBook. It should be here next week. I got a middle of the road laptop, with a good processor and memory. They say you can run VCARVE on a hunk of granite, but think I will have enough to keep my mind occupied without worrying about a junk laptop. Once it ships, I will order my VCarve Pro and start back up with the tutorials.

Again welcome!


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@Jake, yes I’ve had mine for two years this March. Love having it, mostly used for creating v-carve inlays in cutting boards, cribbage boards, and precision pieces for jigs I use around the shop.

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@Jammer Hey Jeff, thanks for responding! If it isn’t asking too much, put some pictures up of your creations! Don’t be modest. New folks like me love looking at things created with the LongMill. Have a great day!