Homing position setup

Alright, assembly nearly completed and I’ll be connecting the laptop and getting my first movements going tomorrow. I have limit switches installed and know there’s some setup to that. One thing I have not read yet is anything about how to switch my homing position to rear left. I understand it defaults to front left but I prefer rear as it’s out of the way.

Anything else i need to watch out for in that initial setup? My last machine was pretty easy. I’m hoping this is a similar experience.

I think i may have dug up my own answer.

In gSender, if I move the $23 slider for Y so that it is deselected, this will reverse the direction of travel during homing, yes? I have already positioned the inductive sensor in the rear left corner. Can anyone confirm?

Yes that setting should do it. Keep the E-Stop handy till it’s sorted.

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Newby Question. Just got my CNC and setup gSender. Having trouble getting homing to work. I have limit switches on x y and z on left hand front corner. The machine only homes if the spindle is near to homing position. Anywhere else further away and it just moves forward a bit and homes there. How do I configure in gSender? I am also new to forum so if I am doing all this wrong just tell me.

Have you changed the firmware settings as described here?

Thanks Michael much appreciated reading as we speak.