IOT Relay not working

Has anyone else had a problem with the IOT relay? When I program an M8 the router comes on but the machine wont move. The simulation shows it running, but the machine is not. If I unplug the wire from the IOT relay to the coolant spot on the longboard it runs fine with the M8. I’ve increased the wire gauge and shortened the wire, but still wont work. Is there anywhere else to plug this wire in besides the coolant switch?

You could try SpinPWM. Then the controls would be M3/M5 - On/Off. There is a link ( in the Longmill IOT Relay set up page that discusses this.

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For some reason the the Spindle PWM does not work. But I did get the M8 to work. I had the Longboard plugged into the IOT Relay on a NO circuit.

I’m glad you figured it out.