Jogging direction inverted when using keyboard shortcuts (continuous)

Hi Everyone,

At some point since I installed version 1.0.5, whenever I use continuous jog via keyboard shortcut, the direction of travel is inverted. Single step and continuous jog using the mouse work correctly.

This was not immediately upon installing version 1.0.5, but I don’t know exactly what I did that led to it.

The only thing I was doing just before it started, that I hadn’t used previously, was the go-to-corner buttons.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi I have just started using gSender, and have the exact same problem. It is kind of a shame because it seams to be a really nice software, but this bug makes it unusable for me. I hope it gets fixed fast.

Just as an FYI, the shortcuts work fine (single and continuous jog in the correct direction) for me on my Shapeoko 3 XL. On gSender ver 1.0.5.

@Tinkerer @Kai96 Welcome to the group.

Are you both using Long Mills?

If so, do either one of you have limit/homing switches on your Long Mill.

No I am using a DIY maschine with an arduino running grbl and I have limit switches installed.
I tried it on mac os and on a raspberry pi with the same behavior.
I hope that helps.

Hi there, I am using an old x-carve/shapeoko 2, arduino controller. I do have limit switches set up and working.

Are there any other machine specs/characteristics that I can provide that would be helpful?

@Tinkerer @Kai96 It would appear that no one here has a setup close enough to either of you to be of help. I know that I can’t be. Any advice that I could offer would be based on my experience and those of other Sienci mill owners.

@Tinkerer You may want to post on the Shapeoko forum. I don’t believe that there is anything inherent in gSender that is causing your problem, since it works well for the majority of users here. However, the majority here are using Sienci mills.

I’m sorry that I cannot be of any help.

I’ll tag @KGN since this bug might be particular to other CNCs depending on their home behaviour

@Tinkerer @Kai96 would either of you be able to take a picture of your gSender screen with the ‘Console’ tab open when you try to continuous jog so we can see the code that gSender is sending to your machine?