Jogging with gamepad

I left a detailed comment here on why some users experience some jerkiness with thumbstick jogging now with the 1.4.1 introducing a bunch of new features to gamepad. I did mention a solution to make the jogging smooth again by playing around with the “Movement Distance Override” setting within your gamepad profile in the settings. Please try it out if you are experiencing the lagging issue, hopefully it fixes it for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Walid, will try that out soon.

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Hey all,

Is anyone still experiencing issues jogging with their gamepad, even after adjusting the movement distance override in their gamepad profile settings?

Hey Walid,
I finally got to building my (emulated) xbox dongle/macro box completing first test just now. Was waiting on parts for a while due to lost shipping and reordering :frowning:
Still playing with the override but so far it seems to be very usable (considering its just grbl). Have some more code tweeking on my end but you guys already have the ‘push hard go fast’ feature implemented so not much left for me now.

FYI my XBox joys are emulated with a sparkfun Pro Micro implementing XInput. Have 2 joys: one for XY and one for Z. Perhaps a real Xbox controller might be better but where’s the fun in that?

Thanks to the developers!

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I’m experiencing jerkiness when continuously jogging with Normal and Precise control selected. Rapid moves seem fine although it will jerk a bit when first jogging, then will smooth out. I’m currently running 1.4.6 with SLB, did not have issues with regular Longboard. No issues using jog control with the arrows in gSender. Controller is an EasySMX 2.4G. Is this a matter of adjusting movement distance override as well or something else?

Yeah, it sounds like you might need to play around with the movement distance override setting for your controller. This setting was specifically added to help with the lagging you experience on some controllers, as jogging using the controller thumbstick is now dynamic and will speed up or slow down depending on how hard you push it in a direction. Some people reported setting the distance override to 120% was the sweet spot but it’ll be something you’ll need to do some trial and error with to see what works best for you :slight_smile:

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