Just loaded gsender 1.21

I updated to gsender 1.2.1 without issue. Was cutting a simple profile cut out of a large circle in 3/4" plywood, 13 passes to complete. Somewhere around the 3rd pass I started getting errors. After serveral resumes the bit started to drift off the circle. I stopped the job and ran a check code without errors. I restarted the job and it didn’t follow the same path yet it did home to the correct starting point. I then uninstalled gsender and tried to revert back to 1.17 and a couple of other prior versions. None of them will load past the splash screen so currently dead in the water. Any ideas? I’d be careful with the 1.2.1, My longmill has been running great until now.

Maybe this post will help you to revert gSender.

Thanks _Michael! That was the magic bullet I needed.

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I don’t have a clue. I just wanted to say that I had a version that I started using last year about january. Ran good until the summertime then all of a sudden those glitches started coming out. It rammed my touch plate at 100mph and broke a nut inside the z axis and another time it did the exact thing your talking about except it ramped the bit into the wood going much faster then I set it for, drifted off on its own like you said. Did I mention at the time carbide create didn’t have ramping? So that wasn’t even in the g-code. Since that time it has done good with no more errors except I am scared to use the touch block again.

After I got gsender 1.1.7 working with _Michael’s help I finished the job using the same g-code I was using prior to the mishap without issues. I did adjust the speeds in 1.2.1 just prior to my issues. I’m guessing from other posts I’ve read in here that may be related to the issue I had.

I installed the latest gSender and ran a program that I have run many times without issue. I ran it 20 times and it stopped every time, saying Invalid Code or some other issue. But each time it stopped on a different line of code, only repeating a line one time. I would just hit the continue button and it would finish the carve.