Laser offset not working or setup incorrectly

I am having problem getting my laser to offset using the offset feature in g-sender. I think I have everything set correctly. G30 set at 255, G31 0, G32 enabled, G20 set in inches (tried both inches and mm). Spindle/laser toggle is on and my y axis is set to 2.615 in. I am using v-carve pro laser moduel and the processer is set in inches as well. I used the probe to set up my xyz position to zero. I run the carving first which is ok then i load my laser picture and set my z to zero and return zy back to zero. When I try to outline or run the file the y axis is not moving to the offset location. What am I missing? Thanks, from a newbie.

First off, all of the G-Codes that you refer to are not G-Codes they are GRBL settings and are usually referred to as $30, $31 etc. Not a criticism just trying to help a self proclaimed newbie.

Not sure if this is it but you don’t mention changing from spindle to laser (in the bottom right) Spindle/Laser tab.

I haven’t set up the laser offsets because I’m not sure the laser is in exactly the same position after I take it off and put it back on. I don’t keep my laser mounted when using the router.

That said the way I think it works is that you have spindle/laser toggle on in settings and on the tab at the bottom right you are in spindle mode for the router part and then when you switch to laser mode in that tab the offset is applied as well as changing $30, $31 and $32 for you to what set in the settings.

You can see that they change automatically by looking at the console after you change from spindle to laser and back.

$30, 31 &32 does exactly what you said it would do when I toggle between spindle and laser. It still will not offset the 2 plus inches I wanted. I was going to remove the laser as well when not needed, so may be wasting my time.

Well that’s a shame that it doesn’t seem to work correctly. Usually what I do when I do router and laser jobs is to put a v bit in after I’m done the router part of the job and use it to line up with a mark on my spoil board, I lasered a grid on my spoil board, and write down the x and y coordinates. You can then put the laser on and move it to where the laser shines on the same spot. You can then enter the coordinates that you wrote down earlier. It’s not immediately obvious but you can click on a coordinate in gSender and then type in whatever coordinate you want to change it to.

Without a grid on the spoil board you can make the smallest divot with the V bit either on a part of the project that will get cut away or on the spoil board and then line the laser up with that.

So far that has worked well for me, I’m just paranoid that the laser might be 0.5mm off when I remount it because of bolt slop etc.

EDIT: I just tried the offset feature with gSender 1.1.7 and it seems to apply the offset correctly when I switch modes. It doesn’t move the laser/spindle but it changes the coordinates for x and y and then when you hit Go XY0 the spindle/laser will move to the right location.

Well i got it working somewhat. So I entered 64 mm into the y axis offset even though it says inches and all my setting are in inches. Confused but it works. Thanks for your help.

You are most welcome :smile: By the way I noticed this was your first post so welcome to the forum. I have found this forum to be very helpful on my CNC journey and I hope you do as well.

I was going to ask if you have the start point in the same location for each file load, but it looks like you got it figured out. I noticed that you seem to have an issue similar to mine as well. I also have mine set to inches but everything shows in mm’s. Did you get that figured out as well?

Yes its working now but I had to change the offset entered from 2.615 inches to 64 inches (says inches but its really mm) to get it to move the 2 inches I wanted.

I was going to post about this in the gSender bug category but it seems they already have one about it here.

A couple of users in that thread mention that they use macros to do the change between the laser and spindle. If that’s something that interests you, you should post another question about how to make a macro to do the offset between the laser and spindle IMHO. I’m sure that some people here would be able to help with that if you want to go that route.

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Thanks Michael.
Fro reference of those who might read this later, here is the macro I use to get to the laser offset. (Offsets are, of course, reversed, to get back to spindle)

G90 G0 X-70.32 Y-13.29
G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0

Thank you Michael and GregM

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