Long Mill Stopping in middle of job

I had this start doing this for no reason. I was running a small cabinet build with cutting plywood and putting dadoes in ,it was about a 15 min run time and it just stopped. The error displayed (hit hard stop should home machine again) It was in the middle of the table when this happened. Reset everything and run same job. this time stopped in different spot. I then pugged the router and the controller in different location. This time stopped in different spot.Ran job with router above job (not cutting anything) and dust collection off, WORKED without stopping,Ran 3-4 times did not stop.Then run with dust collection on router on , not cutting. STOPED the second time run job.Been running same dust collection for for some time with this never happened before. NEED HELP

@Jonl if you have the limit sensors and the errors are all hard limit errors then use Gsender to disable hard limits in the EEPROM in the controller. Hard limits are necessary.

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This is only happening when the dust collection is hooked to the adaptor. been trying different things . Could it be building up static electricity. Ran three jobs with dust collection running but not on adaptor, run without problem. But this as never happened before yesterday

@Jonl, could be due to changes in humidity, although the onset was pretty abrupt. I know here in MN in the winter the furnace runs and dries out the air and static gets worse.


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The hose for the dust collection has to be the problem, run 5 more jobs with out hose on router no stopping. Run two with hose ,stop in middle of second run. Will try some sort of ground for hose. Have two jobs for tomorrow. Will let everybody what happens.

@Jonl I had the same problems over too long before I grounded everything that I could. Since then, I’ve had no freezes. I’m sure that you will find the same.

So could static build up some how cause the router to plunge as far down as it can and stop moving?

@Swinly I’ve not had that happen, Lonnie, but I think anything is possible when static rears its ugly head. :grinning:

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I’ve noticed that whenever I touch the mill during operation with the dust collector hose attached and vacuuming, that I get a static shock. I’m going to be on the watch to see if a similar thing happens to me, too.

Lonnie, how did you go about grounding everything? And did you run a bare wire around the dust collector hose and ground it as well?

Kingston, ON, Canada

I haven’t grounded anything yet. I just started reading up on it.

There exist several threads about this topic, e.g. this on

I can say (keep fingers crossed) that I haven’t had any problems with statics yet, but I did ground my router when assembling my LM (had to replace the cable of my router anyway because it was too short for the drag chain).


Well about 16 hours and many pieces of plywood I may have a solution. I ran with everything hooked up and it stopped 2 times out of 4 tries, all with different error. I than ran with everything hooked up but left router above wood, never could get it to stop. I than run about 30 minutes every thing on with dust boot not hooked up and cutting plywood .NO stopping.I than took a bare ground wire wrapped around flex hose from hose clamp next to dust boot to earth ground. The second run it didn’t stop but router plunged down though plywood and to e stop.I than ground router and metal boot that holds dust boot,but still stop 2-3 time in about 1 hour run. The last thing I run a bare cooper wire about 6" up the flex hose on inside and under hose clamp, Ran 3-4 jobs about 1 hour run time with no problems. Still dont feel warm and fussy that it is fixed.

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