LongBoard Connectors

I anticipate connecting more wires to the controller, such as homing switches, speed control, etc. I may have missed this discussed earlier, but is there a list of the manufacturers and sizes of the controller connectors?

I don’t have my Longmill yet but those connectors look like ones we use on our equipment. The common brand names are Pheonix, Wurth and Dinkle. One source is Digikey.

Thanks Claude. I’ll do some research and let you now how I make out.

The connectors we use can be found below:

As @CRD mentioned, you should be able to get them from a variety of manufacturers like Digikey, Wurth, etc. since they’re very standard terminal block connectors :+1:

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Thanks Chris. I’m heading to lcsc.com.

I want to add some extra info here to help anyone who might be looking to source similar connectors from a different manufacturer. The features / filter that you’d be looking to apply if you want to find a similarly functioning connector would be:

  • Type: terminal block (plug w/ female sockets)
  • Number of positions: 4 (for motors), 5 (for green limit switch plug), and 2 (for all others)
  • Number of levels: 1
  • Plug wire entry: 180°
  • termination style: screw (could also appear as rising cage clamp, clamping yoke, or leaf spring)
  • Pitch: 5.08mm / 0.2" (for power-in and motors) or 3.81mm / 0.15" (for all other green connectors)

This way you can order to Digikey, Arrow, or any other local manufacturer that’s local to you. The plugs we use are very common and very widespread. Normally is you ask for a 5.08mm / 0.2" or 3.81mm / 0.15" pitch terminal connector then these are basically the default styles you should see.

Cheers guys

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Hi, the wires came out of my power connector on the longboard. It’s a black and white wire going to the power supply. Could you tell me the white goes on which side? Thanks

Found the info here: https://sienci.com/dmx-longmill/electronics/

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