Longmill 30x30 Not moving

New to Longmill. Using Windows, g code sender and carbide create. Put the machine through calibration settings with g code sender and everything worked fine, movement and squaring were spot on. Since then I have not been able to move the machine on any of the axis. I can here the machine attempting to move but nothing happens. Help please.

@Jongraphics Welcome to the group John. Many experience users here standing by to help.

Just to ensure I understand where you are, you were able to jog the Mill at first, but now, nothing works - not the gui buttons, not keyboard shortcuts, nothing?

Does gSender show that it is talking to the com port that the Mill is on?

Thanks for the response. Problem was solved by restoring default settings in Firmware. Seince says there is a bug in Sender that causes this issue they are working on a fix.