Machine Buzzes Will Not Move

When I open up Gsender it buzzes but will not move. I get a code Alarm (190) with this message. Invalid alarm code. No matching description found.
Also a red Click to unlock machine. It shows the machine unlocked.
The buzzing seams to come from the Z axis. I disconnected the stepper motor but that didn’t stop it.

@Dean What version of gSender are you running? Have you ensured that you are connected with grbl and not Hal?

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Version 1.4.3

It is set for grbl not Hal
It had been working fine. I disconnected the Z axis motor but that didn’t stop the buzzing. I took apart the Z axis looking for any damage. But didn’t seem to find any.

If I use the emergency switch to shut off the machine then release the shut off back on the noise stops. but if I try to move any of the axis the noise comes back and does not go away unless I hit the emergency switch.

@Dean If you disconnected Z and noise still there, its not the Z. Stepper motors with no power can’t buzz.

I’d unplug items, 1 at a time and then re-address when you find what is buzzing.

@Dean Can you jog the machine in any axis?

Have you opened a support ticket with Sienci.

I didn’t know there was a support ticket.

You will see the technical support option.

Thanks! They received my request.

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@Dean Please post back when they resolve your issue and tell us all what they did that worked.

Okay. I will. thanks.

I had the same problem with 1.4.3 and other problems. Auto-zero block, jog functions, etc. I went back to 1.2.2 all problems resolved. I don’t have a rotary tool so it fixed my issues. I may try another version 1.4.1 or other. I needed my machine to run so good for now. If you opt to revert and have an auto-zero block go back in settings and select it. Good Luck

How does one revert to a previous version? Couldn’t find a function in the software to do that.

@toddg Before doing that, you may want to try 1.4.4 - just released.

If that does not work for you, here is the info on reverting to a previous version of gSender

Cool, thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Did restoring the default settings for the jogging preset fix the movement issue?

I’ve looked through your diagnostic report, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary except it looks like the machine profile is set to LongMill MK2 30x30 and not the 48x30. I recommend restoring defaults to ensure you have the correct settings for your profile.

In the firmware tool, ensure the LongMill MK2 48x30 is selected in the machine profile. Once the correct profile is selected, click ‘Restore Defaults’ in the bottom right column.

Click Yes to restore defaults

Apparently the default settings got messed up. Resetting them made everything work. So I am thankful for tech support and this forum!

Thank you all very much!

@Dean As you have resolved your issue, Dean, I will close this topic.