Machine problem

Good morning i am having a issue with my machine and it was doing good until the problem all of sudden if i bring the router all way forward the left side comes forward and stops where it needs to but the right side moves alway forward stops but rolls back a inch i do not have limters installed on it so I check everything it’s completely squared everything is tighten so I am lost

@Rscott5472 Welcome to the group, Robert.

I read your post on Facebook, and read some of the replies. I am not clear on how you squared your Mill. The X gantry can be square to the Y gantry and the Mill can still be out of spec. This would cause your problem. (Clearly, there can be other causes, too.) You will be able to see this easily if you check to see if the X gantry is square to the Y gantry AFTER it rolls back. If it is square in that position, you need to move one of the Y rails - backward or forward.