Machine won’t move

doing a cut using ugs platform and the machine just stopped. In ugs in the dro at very bottom it says alarm: x y z. ugs says my machine is connected. when i jog the z axis (or any axis) the dro shows the z moving but the machine does not move. any suggestions?

@Cjohn31875 Craig: There are several threads here talking about this issue and setting out lots of possible solutions. The most recent is this one

With any kind of luck, the advice in that thread and in the others in the Machine Support category will get you moving again.

If not, let us know what steps you have taken and maybe we can help.

At the very bottom of the dro panel in red it says alarm x y z. Any clue what that means?

@Cjohn31875 Off the top of my head, it would seem that UGS believes that you are moving beyond the size of your Mill. However, since you’ve said that your machine is not moving, but the DRO is, I would first check the com port connection. Assuming that your control PC is running windows, go into the device manager and find which port the mill is connected to. Then, make sure that UGS is looking at the same port. UGS will “connect” to the first com port that it sees. That does not mean that is the port that your Mill is connected to though.

My computer (device manager) lists only two com ports 1and 3 neither one works

Maybe try source rabbit before tearing into it. Mine was stoping with platform also.also restart your pc

@Cjohn31875 Which of those ports does device manager say is connected to the Mill?