MK2 just takes off when jogging (keeps going on it's own)

Anyone have issues with your router not stopping when jogging? I end up hitting the panic button and lose my zero. This is happening more and more often and as Peter Griffin would say, “It really grinds my gears”. I don’t want to change too many things at once so I am trying a few things at a time. I swapped out a wireless mouse for a corded one and will see.

I’ve been using GSender Edge 1.2.5 and have been for a while. It has been pretty solid for me so far, but now I’m wondering. how does 1.2.2 seem for everyone using it?

Another thing I noticed today when it did it… I kept the board turned off (stop button still down) and shut down GSender. When I pulled the knob up, it took off again, even without GSender running. I assume there is some type of cache in the longboard? but I thought the oops button shut off the longboard. Hopefully, my board isn’t going bad.

I did find this thread but seemed to be related to UGS, not GSender. but perhaps some similar setting in GSender could be tweaked. Runaway Jogging issues with UGS Platform

I have had this happen to me on my millright machine. Found when I hit the mouse button to jog say 6" it would go 12" or more and crash. Found it was my mouse input causing it. Switched to keyboard control to eliminate the problem.

The oops button kills power to the LongBoard but the Arduino that lives in there is powered by the USB cable itself. GRBL just chugs along sending whatever is in the buffer, I think.

I had a different but maybe related issue where I would turn my LongMill ‘off’ with the oops button but leave the Windows laptop running. The laptop never slept or anything during a carve but when closed it would go to sleep after awhile and then my stepper motors would be humming so they were getting power from somewhere even with the oops button pressed. Electronics are not my strong suit so I don’t know how that would happen. I have since changed the laptop to never sleep and I shut it down when not using the mill.

Wish I could be more help on the jogging issue but wanted to post that it didn’t necessarily mean the LongBoard was failing IMHO.

Thanks @_Michael, I’m going to see how going with the corded mouse does. Maybe even use @engraver99 's suggestion to just use keyboard. I have an XBox controller on the PC as well but have been hesitant to use it. Until they added direct controller support I was using a third party utility to map the controller to keyboard shortcuts in GSender. too many players at the table for my MK2 comfort zone still :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation on the Arduino. didn’t realize it drew USB power. that makes sense now.

I’m playing around with multi-color epoxy projects (carving, pouring, curing, V-carving within the previous pour, etc). So losing zero has me wasting materials and time. :frowning: