Off/On for Router

Is there a means of using a control switch to auto Off/On the router when starting and stopping a toolpath?
I know the Makita or any other router cannot be controlled by the spindle settings, but it would be nice to have the ability to turn the router On or Off when starting and finishing a toolpath, so when running a long one the router will sit running at home position.

With a IoT relay. You can control any 110 source

I believe there’s a few people in the forums that talk about how to do it

@Bruces-CNC Here is a post that may help

Here is an article by the Sienci techs

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The relay control is out of stock at Amazon and they are not sure when it will be back in stock, any other suggestions?

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MikeH, if you’re still looking for the ON/OFF relay here’s a link for one on Amazon.
You will need to put it in a box to provide an outlet for the router. Be a little work, but it’ll do what you want and for a lot less than the IOT that was available.

[Tnisesm 2PCS Power Relay DC12V Coil, 30A SPDT(1NO 1NC) 120 VAC with Flange Mounting and 10 Quick Connect Terminals Wires Mini Relay NT90-DC12V-10X: Industrial & Scientific]

Thanks Bruces, I already have a SSR from a different project that I’m going to use. I’m wondering if the CNC controller has a 24 volt out, I thought it was much less but I still have not looked into it much yet, damn lawn…Spring time in Wisconsin.

The Longmill controller has a 24v power supply.

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