Pi OS Debian Bullseye libappindicator3-1 dependency cannot be installed

When attempting to install AppImage for arm64, the install fails with no indication or error message. Second attempt by installing the “gSender_1.1.3_arm64.deb” results in a fail with see detailed logs.
Third attempt to manually install via command line
sudo dpkg -i gSender_1.1.3_arm64.deb

Terminal displays a failed install for dependency on libappindicator3-1 which cannot be installed on Bullseye.

Using the following process to alter the dependency to libayatana-appindicator3-1
sudo dpkg-deb -x gSender_1.1.3_arm64.deb unpack
sudo dpkg-deb --control gSender_1.1.3_arm64.deb unpack/DEBIAN
sudo nano ./unpack/DEBIAN/control
under dependency: replace libappindicator3-1 with libayatana-appindicator3-1
sudo dpkg -b unpack gSender_1.1.3_arm64_libchange.deb
sudo apt install libayatana-appindicator3-1
sudo dpkg -i gSender_1.1.3_arm64-libchange.deb

This successfully installs and configures gSender. Though when launching the application hangs in the splash screen.

Does the dev team have a build that supports Bullseye 64-bit or should I attempt to rebuild the PI with the Buster 32 Bit OS legacy version?

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM
OS: PI OS (64-BIT) installed using Pi Imager v1.7.2

Update: Reimaged to PI OS (Legacy), the Buster based version of Debian, which worked for version 1.1.3. The AppImage installed without any errors.

Could a compatibility chart be added to the install manual to help others avoid selecting an incompatible OS version? Is there any insight to when a Bullseye compatible Pi version might be ready?