Random stops during job

Hi team -

I was running a surfacing job this morning (the built in one) and the job just stopped a few passes in.

Console showed the job still running, and all of the motion controls were greyed out, but router wasn’t moving.

I closed and opened gSender, and it seemed normal. I set up another surfacing job, and this one made it further, but it stopped again with the same behavior.

I haven’t had a chance to try a different job yet, and this is the first time I’ve had problems - not exactly sure where to start troubleshooting.

Any ideas or advice? Thanks!

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Hello! Have you checked your settings for your USB port? It maybe going to sleep along the way and interrupting the communications between your computer and CNC. Note I didn’t say computer going to sleep, just the port. That, in my opinion would be a good place to start. Please let us know your solution once you find it.

Have a look at this post, may explain it better than I can with only one cup of coffee. USB Selective Suspend in Windows 11 - #4 by Condor00


Thanks! I did make this change, but the problem persists.

I’m pretty sure now that it’s something on the cnc side - either the cable (hopefully) or the controller.

I tried to run a job from my laptop, same results. I’m going to replace the cable and give it another shot this afternoon.


So I thought I had an epiphany - and maybe I still did. The piece I was flattening was zebrawood/epoxy board -not sure if that makes a difference.

Anywho, during the time this job kept stopping, I touched the router and it shocked me a little - static. I read that most causes of random disconnects have to do with RF or other interference with the USB connecting cable. I thought maybe static electricity might be the issue.

I ran over to rockler and got an anti-static dust collector hose, installed it, and got back to work. I had a piece of cherry sans epoxy I needed to cut for a project, so I did that. 2.5 hour total time, no stops, no issues.

Figured I had it sorted, so I got the epoxy board out again to finish the flattening - half way in, stopped again.

So for clarity - it seems to only happen with this epoxy board. Does epoxy generate more static during a surfacing operation? Something else specific to the material?

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@timarland Milling epoxy and any of the acrylics definitely creates more static than milling wood. I’m not suggesting that this is the definitive cause of your problem, though.