Remote Mode Settings Not Available

Wow! There hasn’t been much conversation on gSender’s Remote Mode. Is it that ubiquitous already?

I’ve been able to connect and work remotely, but there is a problem on the remote setup. I’m using the Brave browser which is Chrome based and my iPhone SE. Everything works except it comes up with the default settings which are metric in particular. My main gSender is set up for inches.

This is where the problem is. No matter which orientation I use (portrait or landscape) I can’t reach the Settings gear icon without disconnecting. The Connected bar always stays maximized for the screen width. There’s no available way to slide sideways to reach the Settings gear without touching the disconnect area.

I’m looking for a way to change my units from metric to inches on the remote, otherwise this remote works perfectly! I’m using gSender 1.2.2.

We’re going to add an easier way to toggle units next release on remote view along with workflow controls. It will appear on the main UI while connected on small screen devices.

Unfortunately any further changes to make preferences more accessible/usable on remote view will have to wait a bit as it’ll be a bit more involved and require a larger redesign of preferences in general. Units/workflow are the two main things that have come up for now at least.


Understood, I have an iPad that shows it all.

Your response sort of implies that there really is a way to toggle units on the small screen device; just not one that is accessible in the UI. Am I reading too much between the lines? :smiley:

A little between the lines - you can technically do it by rotating your device but it’s problematic/tricky depending on screen size as you’ve found.

Rotating didn’t work on my iPhone. The “Connect” button spreads out full screen no matter how I hold it.

It’s probably a bit dependent on screen size - here is Chris talking Garret through accessing preferences on his phone since he was running into the same issue of units as you:

If you’re not able to in landscape you’ll likely need to wait until the next update which should be sooner rather than later.