Replacing the Arduino Uno Board

Has anyone replaced an Arduino Uno board purchased off the internet? If so, where did you get instructions on the proper installation and grbl install. i assume that Sienci Labs has something but finding it is another story.


@ldstaas - Larry, I recently replaced mine with a non-arduino Uno R3 on my early MK1 controller. Pretty easy. Not knowing which version controller you have I won’t attempt to give you disassembly instructions. Definitely make sure it is unplugged from power. After you have the outer case opened locate the arduino and make note of it’s orientation on the main board. Carefully lift up the arduino as it has numerous pins inserted into the connectors. It will be tight so I work slowly rocking back and forth a little at a time. Once removed use reverse logic to insert the new arduino. Be very careful as the pins are fragile. Reassemble the case. Add power. Open gSender and connect to the controller. Once connected click on the firmware icon (upper right). On the right side of the opened panel click on the “Flash GRBL” button and follow the prompts. Once you get the successful prompt you need to disconnect and reconnect. That should do it. Update us with status please.

Heyward, thanks for the quick reply and the information is greatly appreciated. I have had this part on backorder but just received a nice order so i need the machine up and running. Again, many thanks.

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I installed the new Arduino Uno board and powered everything back up only to discover that things were worse than when the old board was in. It says I am connected but when I go to flash the firmwear is says I need to connect. Did a quick read through the likely issues and their fixes and opted to order a new control unit. I just received a good sized order and need to get back to making chips fly.