Restarting program from Line.....Speeds and feeds are off

When I stop my program from gSender 1.0.1 and then restart it from a certain line, the speeds and feeds are way too high. I tried reducing them by 50% but they are still too high. What is causing this? Is it something in the program that I can adjust?

@BowyerAK Welcome to the group, Alan.

That was a known glitch in previous versions of gSender. Upgrade to 1.0.5 and you will find all is well.

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I just did that but it didn’t work. Only when I start the program from the beginning will it recognize the correct speed.

@BowyerAK Welcome to the forum sir! I don’t have an answer for you as I haven’t got my MK2 yet. But I am sure someone here will chime in with the fix for your problem. Once solved, please share what the fix was. That will help greenhorns like me! 🥸

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no problem.
I checked the gcode and there are speeds defined throughout the problem about ever ~2400 lines on this 3D carve. I started the program several lines before the “F60” commands. It blow right by it and never changed.

@BowyerAK I’ve not heard of this happening with version 1.0.5. You can confirm that you uninstalled 1.0.1 and installed 1.0.5, correct?

I’ve moved your post to the gSender category so that the gSender team at Sienci will see it. Stay tuned.

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I tried sending my file via email but I don’t think it went through. Below is a link to Onedrive of the file in question.
I ran the file from start to finish on Saturday with no issues. Just when I start it mid file the speeds are off and I can’t adjust them in gSender.

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@BowyerAK I’ll be interested to see what Sienci says. I opened the file in notepad++ just for fun. It’s big, for sure - 1.8million lines. The only feed rates seem to be 40 inches per minute and 60 inches per minute. So, since that’s only a 50% increase from the low to the high, I would have thought that you would be able to lower it on the fly using the slider in gSender.

If you haven’t done already, you may want to open a support ticket with Sienci. The gSender team monitors this category quite closely, but a ticket will go directly to them. One thing that you may want to mention is the feed rate that you are seeing in gSender when you do a “start from line” start. Since it seems that it’s neither 40ipm nor 60ipm, I wonder where the feed rate is coming from.

I did try and recompile the file again today making some minor adjustments and I had the same result. I wonder if I am doing something wrong in Fusion 360.

Side note, I did the carve non stop the other day and it turn out great. :slight_smile:

@BowyerAK I doubt that it’s something you are doing wrong since it will run start to finish. Looking at the code, other than it being huge, nothing jumps out at me. I don’t know Fusion360. Can you export an .stl from it? I could see what happens in Vcarve. I know that you can export a dxf, but it will lose the 3D properties.

I’m sure that the gurus at Sienci will figure this out. :crossed_fingers:


Worked with @BowyerAK in some emails back and forth and I’m pretty certain this is happening because his g-code isn’t declaring G1 movements on each line (which most code does) and so the start from line is using rapid movements rather than the feed rate specified

This should be a simple modal track that we can add to the the g-code ‘preamble’ to solve this issue on the next build :+1:

@chrismakesstuff And that’s why they pay you the big bucks. :innocent: I looked all through @BowyerAK file and didn’t pick up on that. Live and learn.

This sounds like the issue I was having last week, but didn’t manage to describe it well in my post. If nothing else, take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone

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This should be fixed in the next release - Start from line will also sent the last movement modal encountered. I’ll follow up after the build has been published.



Following up for @KGN , are any of y’all still seeing the same issue or has it now been resolved @ryanprice @BowyerAK ?