Rigid router issues

Has anyone had any issues with their Rigid router? Mine seems to be having intermittent power losses. Runs fine then it starts to lose power, regain & lose again. Then quits, which isn’t good for bit or job. First couple of times thought it was a faulty power bar but with new bar it did it again 10 - 15 minutes into a 20 minute job costing me a bit & half the work. Checked & unit is not running hot - +/- 20’C.

Take it back to home depot. Its not worth trouble shooting. They have life time on them any way. Buy a makita they are a far better build router.

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Checked & local HD has the Makita RT in stock. As timeline for family xmas items is tight will pick one up & battle Ridgid warranty after.
Will be talking to HD about the Ridgid warranty as some issue this side of the pond re warranty coverage for something not bought at their store. (Bought it with M1 V3). Between UGS software issues & the router the M1V3 has been a bit of an uphill battle lately but when it works as it should, enjoy it…

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Have you checked the brushes? It’s possible that they may have worn out by now.

If you want to be testing it more I would advise running it in the air for a ‘test cut’ so that in case it dies out again you won’t be losing another bit or ruining your material.

One other thing blow it out with your air line. Surprising how much dust can b
uild up in them and cause over heating. Give a good blow through all the vents see if that helps.

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Will give them a check, thanks. Back up & running with a Makita RT for now.

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Good idea will hit it with some air & see what falls out…

Raccoon Chicken maybe a rabbit Who knows LOL

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When I compared the Makita and the HD unit in the store I was astounded by the quality difference, at least in terms of weight and feel and the operation of the precision height adjustment on the base etc. I actually spoke to the Ridgid/Ryobi rep about it and pointed it out as I’m generally very happy with my Ridgid tools but the trim router is not in the same class as the Makita at all.



That is why Sienci Labs sells only Makita. They are reliable and just work. Period.

Yeah we used to sell the Ridgid trim router alongside the Mill One but we recently found out it wasn’t as reliable as the Makita. Still, the Ridgid works OK for the Mill One since it is a smaller, more entry level CNC.

Just repaired my Gen 5X. I found by pulling out the power switch and applying outward pressure the router power remained on. When I removed my finger from the switch, power went off. Disassemble by removing 6 screws, 4 Torx T20 and 2 Torx T15. Remove the micro switch and black switch actuator. The actuator has 2 detents and you will see a spring metal tab. I managed slightly bend the spring metal tab. Then, using a small circular file, I slightly filed both detents. The router worked properly.

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