Saving the XYZ Coordinates

Hello to the group. Is there a way to save the XYZ Coordinates so they can be loaded back in.

Since the last upgrade to G Sender 1.03 I have had my CNC Machine loose communications, unfortunately right in the middle of a project, twice now.

If I was able to have the ability to reload the XYZ Coordinates back in then I can continue on and know the settings are the same so the project can finish correctly.

I know its a possibility because the GFile program with VCarve supports it, however G Sender is a far superior product.

I did not know if this is a feature or not, but I could not find it in the settings or documentation.

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@LGiannone Welcome to the group, L. I"m sure that you will find it a great resource for help with your Mill.

To your question: How did you set your zeroes at the start of your project? If you used the touchplate, you can simply use it again to reset them. Then you can use the “start from line” function of gSender to continue with your project.

One question: Do you have limit/homing switches on your Mill?

I do have limit switches on my machine. On this project of concern I did not use the touch plate as I had to use the center of the piece as the starting point. But I do have one available

Where is the “Start from Line” function of Gsender?

Thanks Larry

@LGiannone With the file loaded, the “start job” button has a 3-line icon in the upper right corner. That will open the “start from line” window.

Here is a bit more information on how best to use it

@LGiannone , If you homed the machine in the beginning then you have established an absolute reference. In the upper right corner of Gsender (I think) there is a small “Workspace” dialog box with G54 in it. You can change the value to the next setting G55. This is a new work coordinate. Once you have changed the value you can establish the correct XYZ zeroes on your work piece they will be saved for that work coordinate (G55). This is actually saved in the LM controller and lasts through a power cycle so, if you do have a disaster, you can get back to you proper XYZ zeros for your work piece by rehoming the machine and then selecting the proper Workspace Coordinate, G55 in this case. Hopefully that makes sense.

Why would he need to use G55?
G54, the default WCS, works in the same way.

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@NeilFerreri I use G55 because I let G54 stay at the homed coordinates. At least that’s my thought process.

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Home is home. Home is machine zero. The Machine coordinate plane is G53.
I’d recommend people use G54 for work unless they have a need for multiple work coordinate systems (fixtures, jigs, etc…). One reason is that many Grbl post processors output a G54 as standard practice. Bad situation when your machine starts working on a different plane than you.

That said, when

You gotta roll with it!

@NeilFerreri thanks for the clarification.

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I use USGC. I wright my X,Y and Z down on every new project. If I mess up and hit re Zero instead of Start I can re type the X and Y in and then I will Re Zero if I have changed a bit.

@LGiannone Were you able to use one of the suggestions to address your issue L?

The suggestions here are good for restarting your cut, but you need to address your main problem of connection loss.
I finally solved that annoying problem by installing a ground to the dust collector hose.

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