Sender 1.4.6 Startup Problem

Hello friends! gSender App Version 1.4.6 takes a very long time to start on a computer. Probably on the 3~4th try.

Windows 10 (Installed Only) )

Before that, on the old version of Windows, it also took a long time to start, not the first time.

That is, I click on the icon, but the application does not start! Only with 3oz or 4oz attempts

This has always been the case with gSender (perhaps on certain computers). I have a Windows 10 laptop with this “problem” since version 1.0.

The SOLUTION is patience. Start gSender … and walk away. :smiley:

It will eventually start in minutes, perhaps 5 to 10 minutes, but it will start up to the Home screen.

Remember, don’t stand there and watch it. :smiley:


Thank you friend! I already thought it was a problem with my computer. (laptop) Even Windows reinstalled, it’s still like that!
But now I’m going to do as you said. I’ll be waiting🙂

Greetings to you from sunny Uzbekistan!

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@Evgeniy Welcome, Evgeniy. You may want to read this thread and the links in it that Sienci provided. They don’t change the issue, but they do explain it well.


Hello. Thank you very much. The program is in English. Is it possible to switch the language to Russian in the settings?

@Evgeniy If you are referring to gSender, no it is not possible.

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Added gSender to the Windows Defender exception - the result is that the program starts much faster! Thanks for giving the link to the topics, I read it!